The passenger of a cheerful train

by Buceatchi Kristina

the passenger of a cheerful train kishinau seeking critique buceatchi kristina

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Published: Sunday 19th of June 2005 07:25:49 PM


Todd Bennett
Wow........fantastic B/W.

Cary Maures
puts you on your belly!

Alexandru Axon
simply fantastic!

Thierry Burlot
Seems you had a bad time. well done.

Anastasia Karandashova
Tragically Oh.. It's a psychological picture... a fatal photo... I think...

July D.
orginial et tres reussi !

Martino Balestreri
semplicemente fantastica! Ciao.

Isaac Madera

Francesco Martini

Melissa DeLeon
I really enjoyed looking at this photo.

Adolfo Valente
Great shot!

Ektor Coughanour
Excellent work!!!!....Saludos.

_ Cálico - NY, NY
Nice! It reminds me of something from an Alfred Hitchcock movie, the way he used shadows and tones to bring about mood! I like it!

mario balzan
Very fresh presentation - 7/7

Kristina Buceatchi
to Anastasia Karandashova Yes, you are right.. The day when i made it, was hard for me... It's a collage, made from 2 pictures, but they were made in the same day, in the same place.. and my soul was very sad...

Mehmet Tüzün
CONGRATS It's a collage, this is obvius. But it's an incredible composition. This is obvius too. Thanks for sharing.

Basso Gianluca
7/7 Fantastic work. Compliments

Aravindhan TS
Great Great Shot.. Aravind

Mustafa Sahin
great Hi Kristina, very well done ! 7/7
To Mehmet : Zaten dijital isledim demis, apacik kolaj oldugu da kesin degil tabirine gore :)) okuz kafasini temin etmek zor olmasa gerek :))

Raphael Lopez
A great image! And I do not say that lightly. Cheers!

Kristina Buceatchi
thanks Thank you very much for comments and rating....

Fernando Ochoa Olivares
Very good work, i like it.

Alon Eshel
E X C E L L E N T work . love it

Yuri Bonder
7/7 7/7

Stephen Walker
Outstanding This is a fabulous photograph!

Paulo Barreto
Powerful work. Excellent! Congratulations.

Frederic Pascual
Exellente photo y trabajo.. A la espera de ver mas,,aunque hice una vuelta en tu otra web...

Luis Santos
6/6 Very nice composition. All elements on the right spot. The b&w worked perfectly.

Bruno López Mailhe
6\6 i dont know anything about photography.but i like this one so much! regards

Yvan Laussel
bien vu !

Bob Kurt
Congratulations !

Ferrando Flores Rafael
Fantastic Excellent work! great begining with two great photos

Sufyan Al-Khazraji
7/7 Exellent! It remembers me of a great photograph by the Swedish Lennart Nilssson.

Jack Fitzgerald
I saw this one on another site and I just wanted to see the larger version. So I just checked for you on PN and here you are! Stunning, one of the best images I've seen. Regards, Jack

Kristina Buceatchi
Thank you, Jack..

AmirAli Sharifi
Great photo , wonderful work

Ceylan Atuk
this is amazing, I like your pictures..

Chad Nelson
Well done. The sky does an excellent job of setting the mood in this photo.

Paal Bentdal
Nice shot

Jyn Schultze-Melling
Great work... .... brilliant idea and very beautiful finishing (although I'd love to see that picture without the approaching train, I think it doesn't need that extra bit of adrenalin!)...

Kristina Buceatchi
Thank you for your comments and critique... Thank you for your comments and critique...

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