"Dark Attraktion"

by Simon Janosch

dark attraktion seeking critique simon janosch

Gallery: Fine Art

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Saturday 18th of June 2005 07:57:45 PM


Mihir Shah
what a great shot janosch. all one can say is wow. thats good use of lighting. my compliments

Richard Brown
Good Work... I like this very much but think you are not done yet: The area below the breasts is distracting... I would decrease the contrast there, and and " fog" it so we lose some detail, but not all. than the viewers eye will stay up instead of dripping off the bottom. Love the lighting etc.

Amar Khoday
Beautiful lighting.

Al Li
A stunner, first rate.

W. F.
Black and White Just enough to reveal...

Guy Barnard

Bob Kurt
7-7 Terrific!

Kaushik Chatterjee
Excellant Job, but should be in bigger frame.

Roberto Roseano
VIP !!! Very Impactful Picture. Bravo. mandi, Roberto

Albert Aguirre
spectacular Spectacular work! I love this shot. I am going to try to imitate it for my personal collection. thank you for your artwork...

Illat Jerome
This is not the one I like the most in your protfolio. But it works well. Regards. Lurs

Jim Hutchison
First time I've seen such a unique comp. Keep going dude....

Aimar Fraga
I really admire your use of light in all your photos, you're a real master, but in this case, with this photo, I really admire you religiously, this photo is almost mystical thing. My favorite of all (if I forget about the girls and focus on the photo) Incredible texture, light and composition. Are your girls making your photos beautiful? are your photos making your girls beautiful? sadly, I think that are the both things together what makes this kind of incredible classy and soft touch in all your photos. You must have some kind of deal with the devol... ;) Congratulations

Elf Kerben
is picture is really mystical and full of power ciau Carsten

Janosch Simon
"Dark Attraktion" regards Janosch www.jsfotografie.de

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