"Mukilteo Lighthouse"

by Tsoi Wilson

mukilteo lighthouse seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 18th of June 2005 06:46:06 PM


Christa Thompson
Outstanding, as usual Wilson!

Howard Dion
Dude, you live in a golden place!!!! Again, another outstanding image. Your work stands out.

Lionel Dupre
Wilson ... After long view of your images, I still don't understand how you can get this quality and achievement level in every single piece of work you do. I would spend my life in front of this artwork. This image is not an exception. Composition is perfect, colours leave me breathless, I am delighted by the warmth that I get ... Now I need an Ice Cream. ;-)

Kim Slonaker
Okay, you've convinced me I need to move to your area! This almost glows and comes alive. Very nice, Wilson!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for all your feedback, CHRISTA: Very glad you like this. HOWARD: Thanks for your compliment. You should visit this area sometimes. FRANCESCO: Thanks for your kind comment. KIM: Appeciate your feedback. Being an ex-B.C. person, you know how it can be real nice around here. Drizzles non-stop so far today. Go figure. REINER: Thanks. Just glad I get a chance to use it. JAYME: Thanks for your vote of confidence. Indeed I was hoping to render 2-dimensionally of what human eyes can register in reality. SALLY: Very glad you can feel the heat of the sun! ADA: Thanks. I indeed was hoping that some viewer would feel the need to reach for a pair of sun glasses to tame the bright sun at left! SONDRA: Appreciate your feedback always. JENNIE: Thanks for your enthusiastic feedback. RAY: Very glad you like it! RENE: I know what you mean, but felt that, although severely flared, by including the sun, this would communicate the existing light condition more strongly. I have exposures of several minutes after sunset, but they don't excite me as much as this. Thanks for your input nevertheless. KEN: Thanks. I'm flattered! DENNIS: Thanks for the reference photo. The weather condition is definitely the big difference. The different perspectives from different people of the same locale indeed are fascinating and I'm glad that you've pointed that out. BTW, the fences (that run vertically in your photo) that separated the lighthouse from its neighboring coastguard quarters are no longer there. LIONEL: Thanks for your kind words. I'm very much flattered. The ice cream does sound very tempting after basking in the setting sun for a while! Wilson ^_^

Congratulations to your twelvemegas! RE

Dennis Dixson
Wilson Thanks for pointing out that the fences are gone. I could not figure out what was different and it was making me crazy (or at least the next level of crazy). I was trying hard to include the ferry in my photo. It was leaving the dock as I took this frame. I could ramble on quite a long time about my memories of Seattle and the surrounding area but I will spare everyone for now. Good light does make for good photography. Thanks for sharing it.

Jennie Fazio
Awesome!!! I love the colors and the picture. I love this picture. I wish I could have found a picture or view like that.

Ray Wei
I like the blue and pseudo ND, pretty natural, ya know.

Sondra Kicklighter
Outstanding photo, the lighting makes the image come to life. Cheers, Sondra

Colin Carron
Wilson, a fine shot and very good PS work. The shadow detail is good - visible but not too visible.

Ada Ipenburg
I love this shot, Wilson. I really feel inclined to squeeze my left eye for the almost eye-blinded sunbeams which are dominating this wonderful and original image. Because of that bright light and the amazing sky this scene radiates an unrealistic, exiting sphere to me. Great shot! Cheers, Ada:)

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- your merging of 2 layers is awesome. You are bordering on what the human eyes really see in a scene like this and overcoming the cameras limitations of light & shadow. Absolutely beautiful. You know I'm not rating anymore, but this a strong 7/7.

Sally Delacruz
It is only a photograph but I can feel the heat and the strong sun in here. This is a good composition.I think that purple skies made this very good.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your kind feedback, COLIN: Appreciate your comment and I know what you mean. ALLON: Thanks for your enthusiastic comment. DANNY: So glad you signed up, Danny. Thanks again for showing me the way on to the ground. Indeed it takes an out-of-towner to show a homey a new trick. Likewise, it was great meeting you as well. Do post up the lighthouse images in your trip to share with us all. PAULA: So glad you like it, Paula. KIM: Thanks for your comment, Kim. HENRI: Thanks for checking this out. Wilson ^_^

Rene Dubec
EXELENT COLORS. I very like this picture.I think you should have waited bit more for the sun to go down.It shows few sun spots on the corner of the house.Anyway I love this pic.Kinda my style.:o)

Paula Grenside
Bt Jove, what an outstanding picture. The light and colors are awesome. There is magic here.

Ken Beilman
Fantastic lighting effects and colors. Your productivity of superb images is amazing.

Allon Kira
What a beautiful image, Wilson, with wonderful light, colors and fantastic mood!! Rgds, allon.

Francesco Martini
fantastic light in this picture!!!!!!

Dennis Dixson
I liked the effect of this photograph and wondered if I could alter one of my own Mukilteo photos in order to achieve something similar. I still think it can be done but I have had no success so far. I thought I would show you my more or less straight version for comparison. My first impression (late last night) was that your photo had a sort of fantasy quality about it, making me half expect to see a unicorn emerge from the shadows. I could not decide exactly how I felt about this photograph because somehow it did not fit with what I remembered about this place. Then I started thinking about how differently we see and relate to the world in general. I am now pleased to tell you, that a good serving of chocolate chip ice cream does wonders to restore blood sugar to proper working levels and thus quell such philosophic thoughts. It is interesting to see how different photographers approach a subject and render it in their own style.

Danny Ritchey
Inside the fence Wilson, great meeting you, glad you know how to get inside the fence. Thanks for all the advice you gave me. Love the shot you posted of the lighthouse. Thanks again, Dan

Henri Manguy
Wonderful composition.

Wilson Tsoi
Dennis, I am not quite sure myself of how long those fences have been removed. I certainly like it a lot better without them. FWIW, here is a version with departing ferry taken couple weeks later.

Kim Tural
Beautiful saturation of colours. Right time, right place. It is indeed the perfect time of day to take pictures.

Ashutosh Rajekar
Wilson, after having gotten myself into a situation where I managed to get several ruined shots of objects similar to yours, I very much appreciate your skills here in judging both the different exposures required, and also carefully blending them together. Great work of art! That piece of lens flare you have looks very easy to remove, I suppose a simple magnetic lasso tool selection with color channel adjustment should be enough. I would like to learn your technique on the blending process itself. I tried something similar once, and ended up with halos around my foreground objects. Thanks for your time, and keep it up!

Jennifer MacNeil
when i first saw the larger version of this i was torn between two thoughts "my god that's a good picture" and "f*** me, i suck at photography". you see, i thought you had done the impossible and achieved this image with only one shot. honestly, thinking that you got that sky and the detail in the shadows at the same time almost made me give it all up. i was a bit slow to clue in, but now would like to say: hot damn that's some nice work.

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco
wonderful shot, beatiful colors and compotition

Wilson Tsoi
"Mukilteo Lighthouse," before sunset. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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