"License to Kill"

by Simon Janosch

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Published: Thursday 16th of June 2005 04:48:36 PM


Michael Northrop
Ultravixen Just the fact that you know a woman of this magnitude is astounding. I have never seen a woman with such exotic features. There are many beautiful women on this site but this gal has a look all her own. Maybe it's the sparing use of the eye liner or the strategic glossy pout combined with the freckles all coming together in a rare case of serendipity but I can't imagine what I would do if I were to run into her in a crowded mall or street. I'd certainly stop and stair - probably get slapped. Man what a precious moment this must have been for you. This vixen is the real deal and you captured it.

Dean McClelland
I really like this picture but I find the crop not as well thought out as some of your others.If you added back some of the forhead I feel it would add and not take away.I think my judgement on the crop is because the eyes are in the top centre rather than just above the middle.Keep up the good work!Cheers!

Mauricio Alcaraz Carbia
You have such an original eye on portraits. Very well done and superb folder.

Steve Nicoll
A masterpiece Quite simply, this is the best picture I have seen to date on photo.net. This is absolutely stunning and I am totally mesmerized by it. 100/100 ... if only it was possible to rate it that highly.

Eran Baruch
WoW! Great shot!!!! ERan.

Brad Kim
Powerful image... Excellent execution...!!!

Angel Pena
looks like a ringlight, love the contrast.

pantelimonescu tudor

Peter Niznansky
7/7 Fantastic idea to maka facial with fish or reptile look. It really giving the model ancient archetype meaning and new dimension to portrait photography!

Sandra Helton
Great portrait, loved her daunting eyes.

Okan MET?N
7/7 very fantastic ...regards...

Ferrando Flores Rafael
!! Excellentisimo portrait, her expression, skin, eyes... really impressive WOW!

hilmi m
7/7 Hi dear Simon, excellent port., tone, cong.

kristin morales
excellent! incredible intensity and absolutely perfect contrast for impact.

Kjartan Haavik
excellent. sharpness .. expression... colours... perfect.

Yuri Bonder
Excellent Excellent

Sarkis Baghramyan
8/8! Fantastic! Best regards.

Joseph Burke
Excellent What an attention getter! It stopped me dead in my tracks!! Very well done!! J. Burke

Raphael Lopez
A true killer! Congratulations!

Sufyan Al-Khazraji
A true killer! Congratulations!

Basso Gianluca
Killed !!!

Timothy Klein
Good I love this photograph. It is amazing. I particularly like the eyes, with the perfectly aligned halo catch-lights, and the contrast between the freckles and the skin, which is so much the opposite of what would usually be done. I like the toning. My only small critique would be that her nose distracts me for some reason. Maybe because it is slightly out of focus at it's tip? Great job.

Neal Grillot
i really like the tone - eyes, very piercing

C. Daunis

Dirk Vermeirre
Fantastic! Such a strong image, bravo! First I had problems with the white area on the nose but now I like it more and more, it gives a bit more an animal feeling (just like the eyes) and because we are animals in the biological sense of the word this is simply fantastic. 7/7

Aubre Cummings

KT Tran
Stunning! 7/7

Richard Brown
NOSE ? Timothy Klein, noted he has a problem with the nose...if you just subdued the highlight it would be a much better photograph..but is still very well done!

David Koens
The Cat Within? She looks like a cheetah (or some kind of Big Cat) from her nose and cheeks on up and the freckles help her look this way to me. I think it is very well done. Pretty lady too! To bad she is not smiling but then you would have to change the title. ;o) Take care. :o) DK.

Illat Jerome
what a look !!! what an artist !!!

Tiina Haasma
super ! very well done work ! 7/7

Carlos Perez
One of the best photos on Photo.net. Thanks for showing us your tremendous nice work. Regards

Brooke B
Phenomenal photograph. Period.

Isaac Madera
7/7 i dont like the title.. that cheapens the image.. but the image itself is a true work of art

Bedevere C
It's awesome I love this picture. So sharp and sexy

Stefan Rohner
dead like a plastic doll.

John Lehmkuhl
Too Sharp I love this shot. Very intense and I love the lighting. I do feel that the sharpeness hurts this image in some ways. I'd soften her skin, especially around the eyes so that the eyes can really get all the attention that they deserve. A very striking portrait.

Puck Faery
this is one of the strongest portraits i have seen on this site since i joined. i am curious to know about how you metered the freckles as it does appear that you had metered it first and then composed the image based on those settings. i have rated it the highest like many others. the nose appear a little overexposed but that is a very minor issue. perhaps you had used a bronzing foundation on the face upto the upper cheeks? would really like to know the technical details here.

M Kelly
I dont understand John's comment above? Is it that digital alterations to make the eyes pop out makes a photo ('snap') of this woman shopping in the supermarket a better photo? It might make the photo more 'photo' like but the not necessarily a better image. We all make tweaks to photos, filters etc.

Dan Heacock
Wow! Reading through the comments, I believe much has already been said. I think the strongest part of this image comes from the eyes, they draw you in and it is hard to look away. Great job!

Todd W. Miller
suggestion Wonderful work! Since this is a critique, I will say that the one thing that bothers me however has nothing to do with your photographs, but the copyright font. I don't know why professional photographers always use this playful amateur typeface that takes away from the power of the image. I would suggest using a professionally designed typeface which would reflect the fluidity and form of your work, like the all popular Helvetica.

Kim Rasmussen
Kim Rasmussen Outstanding and beautyfull ....great light Hi Kim

Dzmitry Vadalazhski
It's cool!!!! I like it very much!!!

Wade Y

Really fantastic image!!! Her eyes are captivating. Her shoulders are strong. The treatment is impeccable. This image draws you in, it is so beautifully intense. As I sit here looking at her, her eyes feel just slightly high in the composition. I feel like the image would be slightly better balanced with just about another half-inch of her forehead in the frame.

Amazing work,


Don Bryant

I think you've chosen a really corny title which really doesn't fit the subject nor does it really inform the viewer. Seems like you are trying to influence the viewer to react based on the ttile more than the photo. Perhaps the title tells us something about the photographer.


Never the less this photo is great though I'm a bit uneasy about your treatment of the eyes. I think you might want to play with some variations of this image dialing back the eye bleach or what ever you are doing.


I think it's a great start though. A very strong photograph of this individual.



Janosch Simon
"License to Kill" please look at the Large Version! :-) regards Janosch

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