Endurance test # 1

by Amelkovich Igor

endurance test nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Thursday 16th of June 2005 01:39:00 PM


Thomas Solecki
great stuff, really!

Evgeniy Shaman
vot sterva, jdet smerti )) good work with idea..

Tomislav Bukvic
The model on the right appears a bit unnatural/uncomfortable/strained; as if she is not quite sure how to sit/position herself.

Aguiar Thierry
It's always original! I like it!

Katya Lin
Excellent 7/7

Roberto Roseano
Very good (as usual). mandi, Roberto PS Do your models agree with your photographic ideas?

anna derksen
7 / 7 very erotic, I wish I were there please mail me

Greg Goldstein
Your style is evident before your name is revealed. I always enjoy your work.

Igor Amelkovich
Endurance test # 1 Near the Karabash city.

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