"Up On the Roof"

by Tsoi Wilson

up on the roof seattle tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 15th of June 2005 06:47:10 PM


Frank Melchior
Nice I like this one a lot, I may bring my 105 with me from now on. The Key arena roof is really cool. Kudo's Frank

Howard Dion
You are an artist. Great composition.

Stephen Forsyth
My fav part of the composition... maybe not what you intended... the bottom corners. On the left, the underside of the... thingee-ma-jig..., the underside of the city, marred and seedy. On the right, the light, the hope and promise, the success. In between is disorientating angles, confusion, lights and a blurred line between reality and fantasy. The American Dream, reality and ideal. You do put a lot of depth into a needle pic, Wilson :-)

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feedback, HOWARD: Thanks for your kind words. STEPHEN: You're always insightful. Well elaborated. That's the concrete body of the arena at to lower left hand side. FRANK: The reason I used the 105 was because the 80-200 quick release plate doesn't work with this larger body that I was using (it would've been much easier to rotate vertical with 80-200 tripod collar.) With the smaller 105, I then can go vertical via ballhead. Optically, either 80-200 or 105 are fine for this shot, I think. COLIN: Thanks. The only reason I added the search light rays is because I feel like it was missing one more element to really give this image depth and interest. Thanks for the award. ^_^ KEN: Thanks. Actually it's not that I can't stay away. I'm dying to go around and shoot other cities or national parks, abroad, etc., but work schedule just simply doesn't allow. It's more like I'm stuck in Seattle for a while. PNINA: Always appreciate your feedback. CURTIS: Thanks for checking this out. I value your comment. JAYME: Always appreciate your feedback. It's interesting to me that, "Key Arena," formerly the, "Coliseum," is where we used to have trade shows (now they're held at Washington Trade & Convention Center.) I used to have to work the booths in that building regularly. I always love its external concrete support columns and the unique roofline. YUAN: Thanks for visiting. Not sure what you had in mind in terms of varieties in portfolio. Do describe them and I'll see what I can come up with. ^_^ (I've revisited, "Is He Amused?" and really thought that you had captured it as such and only manipulated curves, contrast, etc. No?) CHRISTA: Thanks for checking this out. 20D, D70, D2X, 1Ds MkII, A95, A80, G6, G3, etc. they'll all work (unless you'll be shooting mainly sports.) PS classes are good. Keep on experimenting and practicing. Most of all, have fun. ^_^ Wilson

Another Brilliant pic! Wilson Tsoi you are a class act!

Ken Beilman
Wils, I thought you were done with the space needle shots for awhile. Just can't stay away, huh? And I can see why. Another awesome image with superb creativity. Well done.

LIU Yuan
Hi Wilson, a great perspective and pleasing composition. Very Tsoi like :o) You're such a city slicker. I've seen your retouching of Christa Thompson's portrait. Very good! Time is ripe to show us even more varieties in your portfolio? You've commented on my "Is he amused?" "Well seen" might not be the most appropriate words for that sort of manipulation of a street shot ^_^

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Such beautiful, clear color & such wonderful light. Love the search light glares in the background and the red roof lines in the foreground. And then of course the Needle!

Colin Carron
I nominate the searchlight type rays in the background for 'Best bit in Picture' Award. They seem to give depth and scale.

Christa Thompson
This is more than a great picture; you are excellent in PS also! You are making wish I had a Nikon D70 instead of my Canon 20D, but then again I need some classes in PS too to be this great!

Andrea Endisch
wow, I'm waiting for the dozens of dance-girls descending the red stairs, it feels like in a 1950s show...this needle really gets honoured by your visits!

Pnina Evental
Your angle inventions does not seem to end....that is a very good image of straight and round lines .The background makes the magic. Pnina

Curtis Forrester
7/7 Great composition!

Ferrando Flores Rafael
Excellent work once again! your photos are just exceptional, with your own style and original point of view, thanks for sharing

Kim Slonaker
I think you need to contact someone in Seattle and see about doing a show or selling your work locally. There has to be a demand for these vivid, unusual images of the Needle.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feedback, FERRANDO: I appreciate your kind comment. ANDREA: 1950s dance show? Sounds good to me! PETER: Thanks for your compliment. I'm flattered! SL: You're too kind. Thanks. KIM: Thanks for your continual encouragement, Kim. One of these days, one of these days . . . . MANOLIS: Thanks! Wilson ^_^

Manolis Spanakis

Linda Keagle
Hi Wilson....wishing you and your family a fun holiday season, with a bright new year ahead..!

Leo Burkey
Wilson Everything that everybody else said and a extra wow! Beautifully done! Kudos

Ananda Kumar
Hi Wilson Pic is extraordinary. At first, I thought its too much of PS and artificial. When I scrolled down the critiques, I realized. Its all about camera eye and the way we see through the camera. This is a perfect example for the quote "look beyond what you see". I appreciate your effort. Regards Anand

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