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Published: Tuesday 14th of June 2005 06:21:50 PM


Pat Merz
I am speechless about this natural beauty and I wish there was a way on this website to track your further submissions of this model. Maybe her own folder? Lovely portrait of a lovely young beauty!

Carlos Miguez Macho
Very nice. A perfect portrait. The light and the color, very well. The gesture, native and sugerente. A great portrait. Enviable.

Pat Merz
"Oooh, this is a very serious student and I don't think that is what she would like !" I'm not sure I understand. Were you replying to my comment?

parvin dabas
lovely lovely lovely

Fernando Ochoa Olivares

John Peri
Oooh, this is a very serious student and I don't think that is what she would like !

Richard Deng
Wow, where do you find all these beautiful ladies. You are one lucky fellow.

John Peri
Hy Pat, though I do appreciate your remark, I was, yes. I meant that this is not about any special persons but about photography. A model will pose but will not like that any attention be given to her person.

Pat Merz
John, I slightly disagree. To paraphrase Feininger: Do not photograph what you are not yourself interested in ... So I think, at least a little bit of admiration or attention to the subject depicted is a part of photography itself. And if I cannot perfect my art by taking the picture myself, I am interested in someone else to do it for me. You certainly must have some sort of admiration for the female beauty, or else you would be photographing trees, or cars ... wouldn't you? :o)

John Peri
Of course Pat, I fully agree with you and I love my subject matter. But not to personalize any individual as a subject of contemplation in photography. She posed as an artist's model, and not as a subject per se. If we look at a photo of an actress in a magazine, we are usually more inclined to look at the person that the photo. I just think that it should be the other way around in a photo discussion group such as this and certainly I know that the majority of models feel that way.

John Peri
Caroline An unsophisticated approach to suit the charm of youth ...

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