by MacEachern Ian

sharing nikon f kodak tri x pan toronto maceachern ian

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Published: Tuesday 14th of June 2005 04:56:43 PM


Mesut Devrim Korkmaz
7/7 This is a masterpiece...

Howard Dion
Wonderful capture. The composition and choice of black & white really work for me. Fantastic image.

Jenna G.
This is beautiful Ian. Technically you have great command but what most impresses me most is your timing. You have an uncanny ability to see things and capture them at just the right moment. The interplay between to two boys is quite charming, and masterfully framed.

Martin Trygve
This is excellent. You have a good eye for real art. Plus I love the film style. No digital camera can do this, with the toning and depth IMO. I would love to see this hanging on my wall.

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