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Exif Information:
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Published: Monday 13th of June 2005 01:38:12 PM


Amar Khoday
Wilson your images have such beautiful colour to them. I like how you frame your images a lot. This one is no different. Terrific work.

Lionel Dupre
Well, this is an illumination "a la Wilson Tsoi"; everything is subject to fantasy and dream ... Wonderfully executed as always !!!

George Fisher
Awesome picture

Brandon Ngai
I think you should get rid of the Photoshop lens flare filter, personally.

Frank Melchior
Nice So you did go out again last Friday with your "other" camera. Cool effect. Nice work Wilson. Let me know when you do it again.

Francesco Martini

Wilson Tsoi
Lionel, Brandon, Frank, Thanks for your input, Lionel. Brandon, here's the alternative. Frank, just a quick change of plan at end of work day. Lets try next weekend? Wilson ^_^

Rick Louche Jr
Exquisite! Shows wonderful insight into use of the flare filter set in Photoshop. Love the stars too! Great work.

Paula Grenside
Wilson, you take us in orbit once again. This is awesome and I wonder whether I am in the real world or on the moon. Prever th eoriginal version to the alternative.

Howard Dion
Wilson, I like the PS lens effect. It just adds to the fantasy. For me, the stars make the shot. Really amazing work.

Allon Kira
The idea, the comp., the technique!! why do I shoot macros??...I'd better go to Seattle...:) very interesting piece of art, Wilson!

Pnina Evental
Now Wilson, you have not only the niddle, but the stars that you can thread them on the needle.... beautiful, Pnina

Conni Freestone
As always, another gorgeous shot! Your work is a real inspiration!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Sorry I'm late. What more can I say. I love the lens flares, the composition, the angle of view, the stars in the dark blue sky, all terrific. I would like to see the original, just for referrence. Very, very nice!

Wilson Tsoi
Here's the original capture, Thanks for commenting, Jayme. Here's the original capture. The sky was about completely dark by the time shot this. I am still trying to find more unique ways to shoot this place. After this past year or so, I have never look at this structure the same way again. ^_^

Linda Keagle
Hi Wilson I always appreciate the view you present...this is wonderfully spacey in feeling, and appropriate for the subject....

Jerry Ting - Fremont/SF Bay Area
Well-Balanced Wilson, well-balanced diagnal composition and I think theose flares help to fill up the dark blue area. It amazes me how did you find the location and manage the angle to make such a clean shot. Excellent job.

Cherlyn .
I must crane my neck to look at the beautful blue blue sky splattered with 'stars' & lights. Perfet angle & great creativity.

Ken Beilman
Wils If I could, I'd give you a 10 for creativity. Fantastic image. Your PS skills are just awesome.

kristin morales
spectacular work...a truly original take.

Camilo MargelĂ­
77 Fantastic creation, composition and subject. Regards.

Tan Jian Xiong
what an original pespective and angle.. shows that you have a creative flair that makes u stand out from the rest..

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for all your feedback, FRANCESCO: Glad you approved. GEORGE: Thanks for your compliment. HOWARD: Very happy you think so. PNINA: Glad you like this. CONNI: Very glad that it had inspired you! RICK: Thanks for your input. Indeed got to be a bit judicial with all the effect available. ^_^ KRISTIN: Very glad you like this. LINDA: Appreciative of feedback from a veteran like yourself. ALLON: Just give me a little advance notice, Allon. ^_^ JERRY: Thanks for your comment. It's amazing what one can come up with when forced into a situation (in my case, a long, stationary hold at home.) CAMILO: Very glad you think so. KEN: Thanks for your compliment! KIM: I guess it's personal. Some likes it hot. And some, not. ^_^ CHERLYN: Thanks. That's probably the best comment, (craning your neck up to look at it.) LEON: Again, thanks for the comment. I do want to communicate the height. ^_^ TAN: You're too kind! PAULA: Glad you prefer the original version that takes you up in orbit. ^_^ CHRIS: Thank you, Sir! COLIN: It can indeed be tacky. Tried it out a few times and even let my kids vote on them. ^_^ SL: Thank you much for your compliment. Wilson ^_^

Kim Slonaker
I like the PS, too - seems too blank in spots without the flares. Nice job, Wilson!

Chris Spracklen
Extraordinary work, Wilson! Brilliant image!

This picture is just excellent! Very sci-fi!

Colin Carron
Wonderful! and I love the flare effects. (which I usually find look OTT) but in this case it works very well.

Wilson Tsoi
"Illumination," of Seattle's Space Needle (a.k.a. Beam Me Up, Scotty.) Wonder no more of how the Space Needle is illuminated. Typical up- lighting lamps, (set of 3 posts,) are clustered around its base. Feedback is welcome.

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