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Published: Monday 13th of June 2005 08:42:51 AM


John Peri
She is Finnish, so maybe she is your neighbour! That being said, I really should insist on the fact that this is a photo discussion group and not Playboy Magazine :-)

Erkki Makkonen
I wish I had a neighbour like her. What a beautiful woman!

Christian S. Mendes
6/6 Good composition and light. Nice work.

Bartko Stodulec
lucky man:) wounderful woman! delicate and very warmy colours.

Jim Hayes
Ahhh yes, a new potiential Peri superstar model on the horizon. You are both lucky to have each other to work your combined magic. Congratulations for finding each other. Wonderful capture.JH

John Peri
If only my photos were even remotely as good as reality ....

Vi P
This series with this true young beauty is totally lovely. John, I really like it :)

David Shelby
Very beautiful soft color,and a wonderful smile captured!!! As always,a excellent image shared!!!!

Thomas Collins
Ah such beauty, and right next door to simplify logistics. You've got a wonderful subject John!

Kevin Carter
This shot is good, i can see what you're aiming for here... i find my eye is drawn to the red band more than he face, which seems to be forcing that smile...i find myself distracted by the gaussian blur you used to make the background look out of focus... it looks kinda phony, especially around the top of the extended arm...I've seen a lot of your previous work John, and I know you can do better... must've been rushed, or something... Kevin carter.photo@gmail.com

John Peri
Kevin, I feel you may interpret shyness for forcefulness. On the contrary, I like it because she seems so fragile. Others may not of course, however there is nothing forced about this picture. This is simply a very young, unsure model that has never faced a camera before. As for the red band, she wears it. Had I removed it, then I would be "forcing" things. I like to photograph people as they are. Finally, as for my techincal abilities, my goodness are you right, they are zero. I'm probably a bit lazy too! Thanks for your comment.

John Peri
Thank you Anja, we all yearn for innocence I think.

John Peri
Neighbour This is one of my neighbours. She will be posing for me regularly from now on.

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