"Taking Aim" (At 1,000 Hits)

by Tsoi Wilson

taking aim at hits seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 10th of June 2005 08:52:59 PM


Vishal Goklani
I think this is one of the best photographs of Ichiro that I have ever seen - Nice Job!

Colin Carron
The amount off background blur is just right for the atmosphere.

Tony Georgiadis
Well balanced shot and great expression Wilson.

Ken Beilman
Another crystal clear shot with great bokeh and tones.

Howard Dion
I can hear the crowd and can smell the hotdogs. David is right, this is better than baseball card photography.

André McNichols
great portrait! Even for someone like me who never liked baseball it's still a great shot. Too bad it was not taken seconds before the 1000th hit, it would have sold very well!

Jan Olof Härnström
Great pose, very nice shot. Kind regards

David Koens
Its a great Baseball shot Wilson. If I was a baseball fan I would pay big $$ for this picture, But I am more of a Hockey Fan. ;o) Anyway its a great shot. DK.

Wilson Tsoi
Hit #1000 finally came last night, Thank you for all your feedback. Ichiro finally got to 1,000 hits against the Phillies last night ableit being in a 5 of 28 slump. DK: Thanks for your feedback. Gonna have to get to a hockey game one of these days. KEN: Appreciate your comment! HOWARD: I like that; hear the crowd, smell the hotdogs. ^_^ FRANK: Very glad you like it. ANDRE: Thanks. Seattle Times' Rod Mars got that image last night. It's now history. MLB will be the one profitting from this! JAN: Thank you for checking this out. HUGUES: Thanks for your kind words. COLIN: Always value your opinion, Colin. TONY: Appreciate your visit always. Wilson ^_^

Frank Melchior
Awesome Great selective desaturation job Wilson, Ichiro should be proud of your work. Frank

Hugues H
beautiful shot

Wilson Tsoi
Seattle Mariners' Ichiro Suzuki, "Taking Aim," at 1,000 hits. Ichiro's trademark stance. 2 hits away from 1,000 hits, but he's been in a slump lately. Hope he'll turn it around soon. Feedback is welcome.

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