"Sign Reading"

by Tsoi Wilson

sign reading seattle tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 9th of June 2005 08:01:50 PM


C. G.
Great job, fun story behind it as well. like the composition gives him plenty of room to work. muted background really makes him pop out. (does his jersey have a blue tint now? or is it my eyes playing tricks on me?) kudos cg

Richard Hans
Perfect !!! 7/7 :0) :0) Wilson, love the composition & nice tones, great use of DOF too, very well done!!! Best regards.

Tony Georgiadis
This one is just great Wilson it has all the elements in very good balance.

Jerry Ting - Fremont/SF Bay Area
Hand-Held?! Wilson, I can't believe it's hand-held and they let you bring this monster into the ball park? Do you have a journalist pass or what? Anyway, great color conversion on the bkg. I wish you could brighten up the shadow under the cap just a little bit.

Colin Carron
Well I would not class the 70-200/2.8 as small either. This has worked out really well and I like your treatment iof it. How do you find the 2x TC affects the image?

Wilson Tsoi
Yes-sir-ee, had to hand hold . . . RICHARD: Thanks for your enthusiastic feedback! PETER: Thanks. I got lucky and scored a, "charter seat," (thanks to our neighbor,) first row, 3rd base side, visitors' dugout was our cup holders/storage shelves. They don't let us use any camera support, so good thing I can put my feet up on the dug out and form a human-tripod (seated, legs up, resting my arms on them.) BRAD: Thank you, sir! PNINA: Glad you like them. Dark blue was treated as separate layer (via desaturation and color balance,) and merge back with a sepia layer. KEN: Thanks. Very glad you approve. ^_^ HOWARD: Appreciate the comment. JERRY: Yes, it was BARELY hand-holdable at 1/500. Had he been in motion, I would've only gotten a blurry image. No press pass, (see seating above,) but the official photogs were only 10 feet to our left (300 2.8, 400 2.8 that I could tell.) By 6th inning, the security guy came over and told me, "No big lens allowed." So I had to switch over to 80-200 2.8. Same policy in your area too, Jerry? Wilson ^_^

Pnina Evental
"Classic" composition with the rule of 1/3.very good texture of background,and special dark blue( I wonder how you get that color)....I like that series as well. Pnina

Brad Kim
Amazing capture, Wilson... I love it very much!

Wilson Tsoi
Colin, Tony, Thank you both for your kind feedback. Always appreciate your visits. I don't find that the 2X TC deteriorate the image quality too badly if one were to start off by using highest possible quality optics. I would still keep it as a last option in getting the reach, but wouldn't hestitate to put it in action once needed.

Howard Dion
Great baseball pic.

Ken Beilman
Fantastic image. So crystal clear against a great bg. Bravo!

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