Springtime Boat Ride** *

by Crosley John

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Published: Wednesday 8th of June 2005 06:34:05 PM


John Crosley
Tonya The 'blur' of her hair is from the wind whipping it, just as is the flag behind her, well, maybe it wasn't a Spring wind exactly as the boat was moving briskly, and as the boat 'cuts' through the air, it creats its own breeze as far as the passengers are concerned. There was some cross-wind which accounts for the flag (and her hair) blowing sideways, but the boat was turning also, I think. In any case, you can actually 'see' the flag 'snapping' in the air currents, just as her hair was. Thanks for the nice comment (and rating too). John

John Crosley
It was a very nice Spring day This photograph captured for me what was the essence of a wonderful Spring day . . . one of the finest ever. Does this young woman look familiar? You might look around my portfolio and see. John

John Crosley
Knicki ?!?!?!!!!!! How nice to see you've dropped by!!! I suppose you mean the whisps to the 'left' side? By the way, I recruited this woman from the Coca-Cola poster to be my 'model' for this photo as well as another photo in this folder -- can you identify her three photos including the Coca-Cola photo? She looks quite different, I think, in each of them. Sorry about your camera. I highly recommend Ken Ruth of Davenport, California who repairs problem cameras worldwide -- he's reasonable and fixes cameras others can't find problems with that are intermittent (I've found out after trying four camera repairpersons for a particularly perplexing problem. He goes by the name of x x x x on Bald Mountain. A call to the Post Office in Davenport, California will yield his address or it's in quality photo mags. His business is pros and talented amateurs worldwide, and he's VERY reasonable. He even makes his own parts if necessary. (I'm an admirer based on one instance, where an old standby camera place started to call me a liar, after I told them of a problem they couldn't locate and wouldn't fix on their own warranty -- a highly reputable outfit otherwise.) John

John Crosley
Knicki ?!?!?!!!!!! Watch for the clone tool. I totally missed the whisps of hair on the 'right' side -- even AFTER your comment. I'll probably bring out the old clone tool and then this and your comment will have people wondering 'what was all that about?' Thanks for the observation. John

John Crosley
Springtime Boat Ride This woman stands at the stern of an boat this Spring that cruises a European river for an hour or so, serving drinks and/or dinner before returning. River and location undisclosed. Your ratings and critiques are invited and most welcome. (If you rate harshly or very critically, please submit a helpful and constructive comment/Please share your superior knowledge to help improve my photography.) Thanks! Enjoy! John

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