"Chicago Skyline"

by Tsoi Wilson

chicago skyline seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Monday 6th of June 2005 03:01:03 PM


Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Sorry if I've had you clicking all over the place to keep up with my comments ... but I like to catch up, and save all of the e-mails if I don't have time to get to them right away. I like this just as much as all of the shots you have from the Seattle needle. The colors and lighting are fabulous! Warm regards!

Howard Dion
I like this image, the colors and the detail are well done. In the same breath, I find the composition it bit confusing. There may be too much going on for me to stay focused. This one has good points and not so good points. Then again, it may be just my current disposition and my age. Thanks for posting.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
I think the star lights make the image exciting and a live looking. Wonderful composition. Your use of contrasting color is also very exciting. I like the lines in the upper left and bottom right, implies a circle. My eyes are all over the place. Must be an exciting place, the windy city. Was there back in the 70's, exclusively for the art museum. Planning on returning sometime this fall, should be interesting!

Ken Beilman
Good compostion and colors. IMO, this image might benefit from some perspective adjustments. Still, nicely done.

Kim Slonaker
I like it and feel like it shows a city alive at night.

Dennis Jones
A busy shot but the color and detail draws me into this one...really like it..

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feedback, KEN: Appreciate your feedback, Ken. I think I ran out of room to correct. HOWARD: Thanks for being frank. I appreciate all the insights. Certainly a bit on the busy side. DENNIS: Thanks for your kind words. JAYME: Visually was quite exciting, I'd say. Would be cool to revisit. KIM: Thanks for your feedback, Kim. Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"Chicago Skyline." Taken above Columbus. Feedback is welcome.

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