Cl 13

by Peri John

cl nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Monday 6th of June 2005 06:18:18 AM


John Peri
Thanks Jeff. I imagine that quite a few variations would exist on a photo like this, but I like the idea of empty space ..

Amar Khoday
John, I'd consider going with just a solid white for the whole background.

John Peri
Thanks Pawel, I think that you are both right. There is too much empty space.

John Peri
I'll try it Amar.

Tammy V.
John - I'm impressed with how you cropped this at the bottom with the elbows. Would prefer to see the top of her head included, if possible. Beautifully achieved tones as well.

Pawel Sawicki
Good! (as usual?) I think that this black element in the background is not a failure here. Although with it I'd crops some from the right, to make it more square. And the framing of the model is really great indeed.

Jeff Zavitski
I think this has great impact, just wish the cropping was not so tight.

John Peri
Pride and Passion A wonderful young lady that I have just met. This was our first attempt at portraiture. We decided to see these and then try again ....

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