Jo 11

by Peri John

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Gallery: Nude Figure Studies

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Sunday 5th of June 2005 02:23:19 PM


Carlo Ottaviano Casana
Excellent one!

parvin dabas
another moving image form you

Robert Simpson
I like the tighter compostion of this one better than the similar photographs. The glass of wine works very well.

Thomas Collins
Yes, I completely understand your approach. I too often find myself creating repetitive imagery in the hopes of finding that perfect shot. Lately its been that spiked collar, but I have several themes that I like to play with. A therapist would have fun with me! :-)

Christian S. Mendes
7/7 This coach result in a lot of good material. Good composition: wine and lady. I liked in special the position of her head and face, her expression. Nude with a high sexy and provocative apeal, but very classy. Very well done.

Juergen Reinsch
Jo 11 Hi John, I fully agree to what you have said, some people do not have any clue.Most of my capturing are based on the moments and this brings out the most in my models, which is mostly my wife. We need more Helmut Newtons to be born for his attitude!!

Al Li
Agree with Robert on this one, love the crop and the wine. As for the image, I don't mind see your models from this angle over and over again. Cheers, Alex

John Peri
I went back to examine the original and amplified it highly and changed the contrast to test it. There is strictly nothing showing but a shadow, whatever one does to this picture.

John Peri
Ulf, thank you for your comment, it is very useful ty me. On my monitor, I see only a dark shadow ... I'll have to check it out. I do like your description of the expression. The model does want very much to participate in the artistic process, but she is basically very shy.

Ulf Persson
i really like the models expression, frightened yet excited. the use of the wine glass is also nice. But i find the picture alittle to revealing.

Sarah Martin
great shot...

sergio perillo
gatta questa e' la mia preferita.bella tutta la cartella.

Bill Kling
wine and girl i really like this shot - my personal preference for cropping would have been somewhat different - i'd prefer more head room.

John Peri
Wine and couch Some people say that some of my images are repetitive. They are absolutely right of course, but I do this largely on purpose. Presented together (and who knows, maybe I will publish these one day), it can make interesting viewing when different models strike up the same pose. Of course, another reason is that I am always dreaming of capturing that ultimate image, which of course I never do ! ... If I continue to post them here it is because I so often get really useful tips which allow me to make corrections before enlarging. With many thanks for your patience.

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