"Life Lines"

by Tsoi Wilson

life lines seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 3rd of June 2005 11:18:59 PM


Sondra Kicklighter
Wilson, I agree with Lou Ann on her comments. Where were you standing? Cheers, Sondra

Pnina Evental
Well Wilson, after the needle you are still staying in the hights....The feeling of being on a skyscraper? is very present.colors and diagonal composition brings tention to the situation and is well done , I like the shadows of the 2 car hints on the left side. Pnina

Howard Dion
Wilson, marvolous of you to make this image. Actually, I find the whole idea of being that high and that close to the edge terrifying. I say give this man extra points for bravery.

Pulok Pattanayak
Fantastic PS work. Kind regards..

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Great Wilson! ("down to earth"?) I love the tones, too. I like how you are able to preserve the skin tones while you're fixing the other tones. Very nice! :-)

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Nice perspective & composition, love those diagonals. I like the soft, flatness of the tones, it makes it a lot less harsh and scary than I am sure it is to be up there. I have no fear of heights, but both my husband's legs would be shaking, and he wouldn't be dancing either! :)

Dennis Jones
Nice capture, Wilson...Tones are kinda unique too...

Ken Beilman
A creative image with unusual tones that really add interest.

Kim Slonaker
Twice a year when the window cleaners come to clean our office windows, I cannot watch. My office building is only two stories! It would finish me off to see these guys out my window AND to try and get a picture of it. Well done, Wilson - gives me a sinking stomach just looking at it.

Bob Kurt
Very good !

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks everyone for commenting, DENNIS: Glad you like it. LOU ANN: Indeed no more Spacey pix. ^_^ SONDRA: Thanks. I was in my room when they kept on working. PNINA: Glad you like. I guess height is not for everyone. ^_^ HOWARD: Yes, yes. Thankful that this is only a 2 dimensional work. PULOK: Thanks for your kind words. JAYME: Glad you like it. You should be dancin', yeah . . . KIM: Well, maybet the guys should've been topless with black bowties around their neck ala Chipendales. Should make it much easier to watch, yes? Lol.!!! BOB: Thanks, man. Wanna be a Chipendale guy? Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"Life Lines," men at work. Just another day at work for these guys hanging 17 stories outside a highrise. Feedback is welcome.

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