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by Peri John

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Published: Thursday 2nd of June 2005 04:35:23 PM


Joe Baker
very sentual;par excellant 6/6

John Peri
.... and this is what it would have looked like from the doorway ... I remember also that she never turned her head to look at me, which also added to the fascination .... was I really alone in the room with this grown up naked woman. Did she find it normal to share her intimacy with me ... was she aware of what an effect this would have on me ... is this what life would be like in later years? All these thoughts and others flashed through my mind simultaneously ...

Al Li
John I wish I had the same memory or inspiration of the wonderful scene your described. I appreciate your work in reproducing your mind's eye into an image that is so beautiful and sensual. Jm9 is my favorite, so far, of your portfolio; It makes me feel that I was there with you when the door was opened. Cheers, Alex

John Peri
Thomas Dunkerley Though I mention it under the caption of the picture presently in my biography, it probably isn't noticed there. So I do want to say once again that it is Thomas Dunkerley who very thoughtfully and generously introduced me to this interesting model.

Nick Wicked
Really like them both Both of these photos present their subject in a relaxed, casual mood, made all the more striking by her nudity. I think I like the non-featured one even more, but both are captivating. We can all imagine the magic of the moment as you describe it, and I'm glad you share its re-living with us. Beautiful.

Thomas Collins
Wonderful work John - as always! Please read my e-mail in response to your comments above.

Stephen Solomon
My goodness! To have such a vision at an early age! What a wonder! Artists keep their influences close at hand. Repetition has made them famous!!!

John Peri
Nude in a dark room holding a glass I am obsessed by certain images that return to the surface at regular intervals since my childhood. One of these is that of a beautiful young lady in a dark room reclining in an open bathrobe and drinking from a glass, with music playing in the background. I do recollect once coming across a scene just like that when I inadvertently walked into a room while staying with some friends. I must have been around eleven at the time. I was filled with a feeling of mystery and fascination at what I saw and it haunted me for years after, I think still so today. As time goes by, I realize that many of my images, particularly those that tend to repeat themselves, are in fact subliminal efforts to bring back memories that have remained ingrained in my psyche since my childhood. This photo is exactly the scene as I remember it ?.

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