Smoke works- 5b: Give me light, give me fire (v2.0)

by Ozgur Mehmet

smoke works b give me light fire v canon eos digital rebel xt d ozgur mehmet

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Tags: smoke works- canon eos digital rebel xt 350d light, v20 5b seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Thursday 2nd of June 2005 12:38:42 PM


zuhal turhan
7/7 excellent

hilmi m
7/7 excellent, cong.

Jan Peter
You did an excellent job to work out the female figure. The tighter cropping helps to recognize her. Also the light from the upper left works very well in the composition.

SunBless Moon
Your Images are certainly exciting. I can see it as the next thing in art photography. I just haven't seen anything like it. Congratulations

Tom S.
I really like the lighting in this, it has a strong graphical presence. Well done!

Yongbo Jiang
Thanks for the tech details.

Aaron Falkenberg
I prefer the original. This one loses the mysterious quality of the former compostion and her smokey origins. This is a little too easy to get.

Mehmet Ozgur
Why new crop? Aaron, I share your sentiments with this particular cropped version of the image. It is easier to see, and that was the whole purpose. I think of the PN community as a big experiment in democracy. One can actually measure the attention span of the wider audience. Rather than the ratings given, I'm more interested in the number of views images receive. It is almost random but not quite. It seems to me that simple (or easy) images get more hits. This particular crop received far more hits than the original so far. My sole goal in posting these images here is to reach wider audience. In that respect, I am glad that I posted it.

David Piszczek
Very Unique. Thanks For Sharing.

Mehmet Ozgur
I tend to agree with you, again, yet I can't help but note that, IMHO, self-indulgence of an artist needs to be balanced with a desire of earning decent income. Having seen the extremists on both ends, I am against both. I do not have any ambitions of becoming a pro artist, as i don't believe I have what it takes. In fact, I believe very few have it all the intellect, stamina, and character to balance the variables and enjoy the bounty. Many self-indulgent artists are long forgotten, and other incorporated artists are cannibalizing their own or others work.

very creative !

Aaron Falkenberg
True, true. If it doesn't grab attention at the size of a thumbnail, the majority of people won't bother looking at it or thinking about it. Having said that, who are you making art for - the lowest common denominator? This is one of the reasons I'm becoming increasingly uneasy with I would really like to know the average time a person spends looking at an image on before moving on the the next, like an assembly line. Keep making your images they way you envision them, not the way they will "fit" better into the arena. You will grow as an artist. cheers, Aaron

Mehmet Ozgur
Incensed - 5/10: Give me light, give me fire (v2.0) A new crop of the fifth image in the series. It seemed that the details of the original crop are hard to make out due to its size.

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