The Valley of Shadow of Death

by Patel Jay

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Published: Wednesday 1st of June 2005 01:39:20 AM


Heather Flaherty
If I saw that light I would probably have been too stunned to take the picture. Absolutely mesmerizing Jay. Could you please send me the info on the Fall field class in Zion/Bryce. I recently tried to hook up with RMSP but they are already booked. Thanks! Heather F

Miles Hecker
Very nice light in this shot Jay!

Pnina Evental
Jay, it is magical! you realy cought something special with that place and light.!! Pnina

Stephen Galea
Suberb..great image and sensation

Pawel Czapiewski
It's a stunner Jay. Tell us more, please. Regards,

Murat Korkmaz
7-7 great..

Igor Laptev
Very nice shot, Jay!

Brian Ernst
Oh my gosh, this is beyond incredible! The photo would've been outstanding as it is, but the wondrous background light takes this image off the charts! A 7/7 is not enough! Incredible, Jay, absolutely incredible!

Aivar Mikko
Wonderful light.

Dave Nitsche
Hey Jay. Great image. Really grabbing. How much post work is done on an image like this or is it pretty natural? I want to start taking more landscape images this year. Any tips would be a help... Thanks Dave

Paula Grenside
Jay, this is marvellous. I can almost touch the morbid waves the sand forms and walk toward that light that seems to ascend and descend at the same time. This photo, as usually yours do, connects our spirit to the infinite majesty of nature. Bravo!

David Koens
Psalm 23:4 4 Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. Really Great Picture Jay! I would love to have landscape Pictures too. DK.

Marina Cano
Fantastica Jay! Un placer encontrarme con tus fotos. Un beso.

James Kazan
I?ve just read all of the above comments. They all have said it, excellent!

Stephen Penland
Jay, this is an outstanding and very intriguing image. Apart from the emotional and aesthetic aspects, I (and probably most other viewers) have an interest in the technical details of the image. For images like this, an extended explanation in the "technical details" section would be greatly appreciated.

Jay Patel
Thank you all!! Thank you all for taking time to rate and comment on this photograph.

Technical Detail:
This photograph was take in middle of a sandstorm. The wind was blowing at 30-40mph (my foot prints in the sand were erased completely every 5-7 step). I had to keep my camera covered with my jacket until I was ready to take a photo. Due to high winds and sand there was no way I could mount an ND Grad filter or even use my light meter properly. I shot the photo in "P" mode and used the histogram on my 10D to determine a decent exposure. All corrections had to wait until I got back to my room.
The setting sun behind me created lighting you see. There was a cresent shaped crack in the clouds just above the mountains. The crack was so narrow that sunlight illuminated just the narrow region of the mountains side as seen in the photo. Photoshop's RAW converter was used to process the photo. White balance was adjusted manually.
I had to wait about 45 minutes for the light conditions to be just right. I huddled behind some bushes trying to shield myself from the "stinging" sand. When I saw the sunlight poring through clouds, I ran up on the crest of the dune with my tripod and a camera. Needless to say that I was perhaps the only one standing on a crest of one of the tallest dunes in middle of a sandstorm (there was one other car parked on road beside mine).
I would do it all over again if I had to...:-))

Andrew Forrest
thanks for sharing not only the tech details, but the greater story behind the photo. your dedication to your art is clear and demonstrated oh so vividly in this image. outstanding!

Ferrando Flores Rafael
WOW, superbe, that light is simply outstanding, cant quite think where it comes from but I hope you dont were in hell! ;-)

Michal Jerabek
Very impressive.

Adolfo Valente

Jay Patel
HI Dave, With your talent, you would be an expert in no time. I will send you the original along with the information about a fall workshop at Zion and Bryce. Thanks for the comments.

Dave Nitsche
That would be excellent Jay!!!!! Thanks so much....

Brad Kim
Very impressive light..... Beautiful...!!!

Jay Patel
The Valley of Shadow of Death Yea though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil, for Thou art with me.

All comment are welcome.

A member of The Timecatcher Team.

Randal R. Ketchem
Composition The line of the foreground dune leads my eye to the bowl, where my head moves back and forth like a skater in a half pipe, then roams back to the light which leads me up to the dark mountain peaks and the well textured clouds above. I love it. I also like the empty space in the foreground created by the dune. It provides a nice base for the details further back. Thanks, Jay.

kristin morales
this one is incredible and so is story behind it...i enjoyed each equally well. This is one is now one of my favorites. You are consistently providing us with incredible views and tales from your travels. Thanks so much!

Michael Haydon
7/7 A special shot, well taken.. Best regards Michael.

Marc Adamus
The harshest conditions sometimes produce the most amazing shots. Something I know first had and embrace in photography. This is surely one of the best shots I've seen a long time. One of my favortites of your images Jay, which are some of the best landscapes out there. The light is so rare here. I've never seen something quite like this before. With so much dust/sand in the atmosphere, it's like a translucent curtain of gold on the horizon with great leading lines and sky to compliment. 7/7+

Paolo Nigris
Great, thank you for the technical details. What a about the workshop at Zion? Again a unique shot in popular location, congratulations.

Momo Vuyisich
WOW, you went to one of the most photographed places in the world, and brought back something very original and beautiful. Congratulations!

Rajeev Thomas
Amazing picture Jay and the description is so interesting too.Great light..very captured it well...great exposure...7/7

Anish Desai
Jay, you have some great stuff, but this is your best. Not only yours, but one of the best I've seen on this sight. Great effort for this one... 7/7 without a doubt. -Anish

Jay Patel
Les, You are right about the excat verse in the Bible...I have replaced the original with the correct verse. Thanks.

J Montgomery
Jay ... just back from a week at the beach and have just seen your posting. Besides great ratings, you deserve more for waiting and shooting in the sand storm! (I hope your camera survived!) The lighting and the wait for it truly make this an absolutely wonderful shot :)

Jenifer Selwa - West Michigan
This is such a wonderful image. Lovely composition and stunning capture of the sky. I can sympathize with the pelting sand - I get it at Lake Michigan when I go out and get the waves!

Jay Patel
Hello J, The camera survived fine, but the 28-135 IS lens is acting funny. I had that lens sitting in my bag and the blowing sand got in everywhere. Thanks for your comments.

Kim Slonaker
Great lighting and atmosphere - I love it!

David Roossien
What I like best about this one is the way the distant mountains appear like there is a giant holding a flashlight above them, searching for something. What's fascinating is that it appears we are looking up at them from below--a city above the clouds, floating there for all to see. One of the most dreamlike landscapes I've ever seen. Thank you for sharing one of your very best!

A.K. Sircar
Excellent! I admire the image,your introduction and the technical details.Congrats,Jay.

Les Berkley
Just stumbled on this--it's gorgeous. However, my Bible gives: Yea though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil, for Thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me...

Wilson Tsoi
Ye Olde TimeCatcher Jay, I think your experience during the shoot is how Lord Buhda achieved enlightment. And when you finished adjusting this image in PS back in your room, that's when He reached Nirvana. ^_^

Jay Patel
Wilson: HaHa!! That is the most original comment I have heard.
Thai: Thanks for the comment. The One Ring that controls them all? Nope...I am still trying to move planets with it. HeHe!!

mario balzan
Impressive lighting.

Pioles Cramponis
Wow!!! One of the best landscape photos I have ever seen! Congratulations!

Walter Tatulinski
Going the extra mile.... and it payed handsomely. Jay, I am glad you posted the story behind the creation of this fine photograph. Too many underestimate the effort of will needed to attain something worthwhile. Great photography here! Regards.

Kim Tural
It looks as though the light is coming from within the earth. It is spectacular and thank you for explanation of this most unusal lighting effect. Now if only I could take a picture like that:-)

murat oruc
So i was right when expecting a big copy :), really wonderful, congratulations.

Jana Vanourkova
Beautiful moment captured. Here all comes in one. A skilled and talented photographer is on the right spot at the right time.. cheers Jana

Santosh Devdas

Abraham A. Agung
wow.......feel like i'm going to Mordor.....:-) i really love this image, especially those lights looks like it came up from the heart of the earth.... and thks for sharing the tech detail..... very usefull for beginners like me..... Cheers....

Clayton Bramlett
Lovely capture , the colors are well saturated.

Carolyn Dalessandro
Well worth the wait...OUTSTANDING!

Angel Pulido Domínguez

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