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puddle o needle seattle tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 31st of May 2005 06:24:39 PM


Colin Carron
The Attack of the Killer Bubbles! Help! Great colours and graphic quality like a movie poster.

Kim Tural
This is your best ever! Wait a minute, I'll probably say that about the next one . . . It looks like a spaceship taking off for outer space. Vibrant colours, just spectacular.

Kim Slonaker
Very abstract look to this one. I can't believe you have so many unique shots of such an oft-photographed location!

Sondra Kicklighter
Wilson, love the bubble effect with the needle. You never cease to amaze me with your imagination and creativity. Sondra

Howard Dion
Nice special effects. Looks like the Needle is being invaded by bubbles from outer space.

Joe Orsak
I like Stephen's story as much as the pic! LOL. Good job both of you. ANOTHER original shot of this item. I keep saying they should be paying you man.

Pnina Evental
Yes,thats your orginality ,to do all this from one needle.... Pnina

Stephen Forsyth
Bubbles?! Are you people blind! Its quite obvious that before going to Seattle, Wilson was with his family, taking nice, pleasant rural scenes, but his kids, being kids, were bored and tugging at his arms to leave for the city. This resulted in a tilted picture of field, tree, some animal, and a cloud. Later, somewhere in Seattle, he drops the camera, reasulting a memory card error that created this double exposure of field and needle. I know all this because the animal in the foreground is a bull, and it had chased me up the tree. Despite repeated cries for help... this... person... pretended not to hear my screams of terror. Why didn't you help, Wilson? I was stuck up there for hours... Great pic, by the way, you can bring a puddle to life. Or maybe its a wolf, howling at the needle, thinking its the moon...

Ken Beilman
Very nice, Wilson. Very pleasing. You do get a lot of photographical mileage from this structure.

Frank Melchior
Cool I never look at puddles the same after meeting you Wilson, great work. Frank

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
I giggled at the title!:) Nicely composed and well seen. Seamlessly merged. Super job! My only question, what is the REAL color of the Needle? I love all your variations.:)

Paula Grenside
Wilson, really it's incredible how you present this structure and every time you come with something absolutely original. Love it and love the title.

Tuhin Saha
fabulous :-) ..

Tony Georgiadis
Very creatve and great light too.

Pulok Pattanayak
Very powerful composition; excellent idea. Regards..

Alec Ee
Good eye Wilson. I see you are still in love with the needle. Nicely done.

Christopher Appoldt
Wilson, it never ceases to amaze me how you find more and more unique views of this landmark. The green light on the pavement is fantastic - this one is really over the top. Hat's off to ya!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feedback, HOWARD: Thanks. The aggregate paving sure looks like bubbles. SONDRA: Thank you for your kind words! KEN: Appreciate it. Not going anywhere lately, so I'm paying my due here. ^_^ JAYME: Thanks, Jayme. The Needle is just plain Vanilla. I just add different toppings as I go along. Must say however that they lite it in red for Valentines, green for St. Patricks, and last weekend they stuck the flag at top for Memorial Day. Kind of like a dress-up Ken doll, come to think of it! FRANK: And guess what, no two puddles are ever exactly alike. Next time we have to get our Americanos before they close the Center House! CHRISTOPHER: Thanks for checking this out. Always appreciative of your feedback. PULOK: Very glad you like it. KIM T: Thankful for your kind words, Kim. JAY: Really appreciate your feedback, ye olde TimeCatcher. ^_^ ALEC: Thanks. Kind of like a Merlion, I guess. You gotta love the city's icon. DENNIS: Why certainly appreciate your enthusiastic feedback, Dennis! KIM S: Thanks. Neither can I. ^_^ PETER: Very glad you enjoy this, Pete. Appreciate it much. COLIN: Thanks. I like the reference to th Killer Bubbles. PNINA: Thank you, Pnina. There are always 2 of everything, when it rains. ^_^ TUHIN: Thanks, Tuhin. STEPHEN: When your book is released, please let us all know, will ya?! I never realize how much I miss your creative writing, Stephen. ^_^ JOE: Thanks for your compliment, Joe. Really glad that you view these Needle images. Wilson ^_^

Jay Patel
Hi Wilson, This is probably one of my favorite needle shots in your collection. Well done.

Dennis Jones
A Dandy One Damn nice one Wilson..Love the pavement's texture in the green areas. I've always been a reflection looking guy...just wish I had a colorful subject like this...WELL DONE digital darkroom work...CONGRATS!

Wilson Tsoi
Paula, Tony, Thanks for your feedback. I always appreciate you comments.

Mujahid Awais
E X C E L L E N T Marvelous...

Ela Jakiela
AMAZING Doesn't matter what it looked like originally, what you made with it is art!!!!! Great work, Wilson!!!!! And congrats on sharpness, looks really amazing. Could you tell us what settings were on your camera in terms of aperture and shutter speed? I am an amateur photographer and am still learning about the impact that these settings have.

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