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Published: Saturday 28th of May 2005 06:04:14 PM


Al Li
Please continue your exploration, I am enjoying the process. Beautiful......

Christian S. Mendes
How hard is... John Sometimes our chalenge is show how beautiful a model is. It can look easy and people who do not is a photographer can say, "with a beautiful model like this is easy to take good pictures". We that try hard take good pictures know how different the truth is. It is hard to show how beautiful a model is and put in a photo all the bealty that our eyes see. It is a point that call attention in your work. You have a talent to show all the beauty of these models, using good technique and great inspiration. Good work. Regards

Christian S. Mendes
John, this a felling that I think all we photographers have. Anyway, I imagine that better we do, more we want. That is what make us try improve our work. Keep taking good photos. Regards

Alberto Quintal
Beauty shot 7/7 the model is great like the photo!!! cheers

Ed A
What a great quality photo. 7/7

John Peri
The model is indeed very expressive, and I am glad that I was able to demonstrate it to the satisfaction of some, but I really do think that we should critic the pictures and not the persons in them. I do understand when, like immediately above, the remark is associated with the composition or some other aspect of the photo, but when as further up, the only statement made to the last 7 or 8 pictures of mine visited is two words "nice model", it becomes a little disturbing and one begins to question the purpose.

Christian S. Mendes
6/6 Good composition and beautiful model. Regards

M. H.
Very nice... Very nice tones and very good choice of angle. Amazing legs! She deserves a full essay in fine art style only on her legs and her back. Regards Misha

John Peri
Yes, the model has excellent artistic expression. She's away and hasn't seen these yet. I'll try to encourage her to come back and do some more.

John Peri
Thank you so much Christian, I really appreciate your remark, it's very generous of you. However, the models are so much more beautiful in reality than I make them look! As I said in my biography, I am nearly always disappointed.

Fran Garcia

John Peri
Well, looking at the dates above, it's just over 2 weeks!. That's an interesting comment Jim. I do encourage the girls to create angles as I find that they contrast interestingly with the human form. This works particularly well when the model is muscular like in the case above.

John Peri
Reclining nude in dark room I have tried a variation on this theme with several models and continue to explore it's potential.

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