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by Peri John

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Published: Saturday 28th of May 2005 03:32:32 PM


Radovan Haban
I think that overall composition is bad... Head is cut away, flowers are touching the body...

John Peri
Well, I see that you just joined photo net, thank you for commenting on my picture already. I do agree that the flowers are a nuisance as they mingle with the hair, but I cropped the top of the head out of the final frame Evgeniy, because it improves the picture (the height difference between the subjects was too great). You may consider that the charm that these young subjects portray in this photo nevertheless helps to overcome these failings.

John Peri
Hy Thomas. The message above was an act of frustration resulting in someone taking out a ten minute membership to Photo net! No, I haven't solved the lighting problem. Some turn out just fine, others are a disaster. Last year, I was given a surprise party with many of my models ... I have a picture somewhere ... I'll send it to you!

Vi P
Flowers in the background is a minor, that can be taken out easily. The girls a great, and the left one feels very confident and excited, which is totally awesome :)

Thomas Collins
John, it looks to me like your intial concern over proper exposure for darker skin tones was unfounded. These are just perfect and you really brought out their individual beauty and charm. As to the comment above, I have to laugh, as I too am always confronted by the same critique - A body part being cropped. These same people never see the image in its whole and do not appreciate the creative tool that croping can provide. Today I am hosting a party for many of my models. I have vowed to keep the camera locked up for the duration, though I know they will charm me into a quick photo session. ;-)

Amar Khoday
I don't have a problem with respect to the head being cropped, but I can see how the flowers in back can be distracting.

John Peri
Third time Alessandro ... you know, we post our pictures to get critiques on them not the girls are in them ... as for models, they are everywhere, just qsk them to pose for you, like I do.

Alessandro Della Casa
Fantastic models...I wish I had them in front of my lens...

David Noble
If I'm not mistaken, a certain Mr. D. Bailey is famous for cropping off the top of people's heads. I bet nobody critisizes him for doing it. John, I think this happens to be a charming photo.

John Peri
Friends Taken in Paris this week .... total surprise - she brought her friend along to take some pictures also ......

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