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Published: Friday 27th of May 2005 06:22:19 AM


Ipeson Korah
The best I rate this the best image you have in your gallery. The covered breast & averted face, very poignant.

Rina H
Very lovely composition. One breast covered with lace and at her almost shy glance gives the picture a sensual touch.

David McCracken
One of your best! Soft and subtle. I like this one an awful lot. Really this is one of your best.

David Vorland
I love the lighting and the authentic expression.

Al Li
Rich and smooth, like slightly melted ice cream with hot fudge, ready to eat. Delicious....

Francesco Martini
very beautiful and fine nude!!!!

John Peri
Thank you Francesco, that is very generous. However, my first two ratings are 7 and 1. I don't rate my own photos, but I don't really think that this deserves either of them!

Gary Apotheker
Truly, very sensual, with fine composition, & capture something beyond "nudity". While i rate very few, this one could easily be 7/6

Howard Dion
Beautiful, John.

Curt T.
superb One of your best John. Christopher

Michael Raddatz
Like your new vision, presentation... the wisp of moment esthetic.

William Lawless
Style of romance Having followed your work for a few months I like the departure to a new style. It has classical look and good color balance (as much as I can tell from a monitor). Good wishes for future work in this style.

A.K. Sircar
I like the composition,light,texture.

Rochelle Ballard
I am really impressed by the lushness of the image and how it articulates the mystique of women. Cheers.

Christian S. Mendes
6/5 I liked of her expression, looking for the side like avoiding the camera. The detail of the hair is interesting, like hiding her face, give a touch of doubt. Beautiful face. Regards

anne knes
7 / 7. BELLISIMA JOHN !!!!!!!!

Aguiar Thierry
Wonderful! It's sensual and soft ! Congrats John!

Jonathan Farmer
In my opinion this is the bast I have seen off your work and your work is v. good. 7 7

Jerry Matchett
This is another of your great one John. Very sensual. My only suggestion is that more space is needed on the left because her glance is in that direction. It feels a bit crowded with such a short space between her eye and the edge.

Joshua Miller
The occluded eye and breast really makes a beautiful composition. The lighting, as always, is perfect.

James Morales
ur styles one that follows your model and when their not looking at the lens the feel of that comes out fully. u really capture the essence of a womans beauty in a way that shows just how naturally beautiful she really is. its really admireable ->

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan Wonderfully Rich and Sensual, John. Beautifully crafted and much appreciated.

John Peri
Window light I placed her by the window in the evening light ...

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