"Revenge of the Needle"

by Tsoi Wilson

revenge of the needle seattle tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 24th of May 2005 08:31:51 AM


David Koens
Me too. ;o) I'm not submitting mine for critique either. Another nice Picture Wilson. Keep it up! :o) DK.

Curtis Forrester
7/7 Excellent! I'm not submitting mine for critique either.

Howard Dion
Wilson, the graphic artist strikes again.

Francesco Martini
excellent image..beautiful colour!!!!

jerry beecham
Fantastic image! You did a great job on this one.

Igor Laptev
Nice image, Wilson!

Frank Melchior
Cool The Center House is neat to shoot from, wise choice in lens for this one. I like what you did with the colors and lens flare adds gives it that sci-fi look. Well done Wilson.

Jay Patel
HI Wilson, Very nice Wilson.
I noticed that you did not submit this photograph for critique. Wise choice...It is seems that abusers/revenge raters/jealousy raters are using the Annonymous Ratings to hide themselves.

Maria Conversano
Wonderful! Great composition and colors! Exellent!

Richard Hans
Beautiful!!! 7/7 Wilson, another fantastic piece! Best regards.

David Robinson
Exceptionally well conceived. All the more astounding when you realize how old the space needle is. This has such a futuristic feel to it. Excellent clarity and detail.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Very nice perspective view. The colors are wonderful!

Kim Tural
Those colours are stunning against the night sky. Another superb shot! Congrats!

Ken Beilman
Wils I'm so impressed with how you keep coming up with so much original material from this structure. Very cool. I'm also disinclined to subject my images to the brutality of the critique forum. There's been a big change since the anonymity feature. If I need some abuse, I'll just give my ex-wife a call.

Pnina Evental
I like the needle series, that one no exception. ( and the bio image...)

Kim Slonaker
Please, please tell me you are trying to market these images of the needle!! I can't believe anyone else has taken such brilliantly colored, abstract-looking shots of it.

ahmet ozkan
7-7 excellent image.congrats..

A.K. Sircar
Typically Tsoistic image. Heartiest congratulations.

Dennis Jones
Wilson Sure do like your eye on these...Well done.

Pulok Pattanayak
Another excellent night shot, Wilson. Regards...

Sondra Kicklighter
Nice image, Wilson. Cheers, Sondra

Colin Carron
Brilliant slashes of colour - looks like a still from a sci-fi movie.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
I love this!! The rounded lines in the foreground adds great interest!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback . . . Sorry I didn't reply right away . . . HOWARD: Thank you for checking this out. RICHARD: Appreciate your enthusiasm! JAY: Thanks. I was actually going to put it up for critique request, but ran out of time late at night and just wanted to get to bed. When I read your comment, then I decided to leave this as is and see what the difference might be in comparison to a previous posting through critique request. It certainly doesn't make sense to have partial rating annonymity, doesn't it? CURTIS: Thanks. I am thinking about submitting every other image to critique request just to see how the two parallel worlds differ in terms of feedback. FRANK: Thanks for commenting. It can be fun down there. D.K.: Thank you for your feedback. I guess the feeling runs strong around here. I think they should just have all the names revealed. What's there to hide? Really. JERRY: Thank you for your compliment. IGOR: Thanks, Igor. FRANCISCO: So glad you like it! JAYME: Thanks for check this out, Jayme. KIM T: Appreciate your feedback, Kim. KEN: Why thanks, Ken! I also do not think anonymity feature is right. Hopefully the admin will make adjustment on the fly again. KIM S: Hey, wanna be my marketing manager? ^_^ PULOK: Thank you always for taking the time to look at my images. I appreciate it. TAMTAM: Thanks, thanks! MARIA: Thank you for your comment. AMAL: Thanks for your kind compliment. COLIN: Appreciate your feedback. Indeed I hand sci-fi in mind. Thanks! DAVID: Thank you for your kind feedback. The darn thing is over 40 years old. Amazing, ain't it?! PNINA: Thanks for dropping in, Pnina. SONDRA: Thanks! DENNIS: You're too kind. Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, Lou Ann. Glad you do. School out yet? Haven't seen you around lately. Hope all is well. ^_^

Alex S.
ok, well i guess i'm not allowed to express my opinion

Jitka Unverdorben
Nice image, jitka

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