"Pike Place Market"

by Tsoi Wilson

pike place market seattle tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 24th of May 2005 01:19:14 AM


Ken Beilman
Wils Fantastic image. GREAT colors, composition (love the angle) and reflections. More superb work from you.

Peter Brent
Pike Place I was there last week at the same time of day (early morning?). I didn,t have the wet road for the reflection. I thought I had taken a reasonable shot, but yours has just blown it away. It's the amazing angle. Fantastic!

Wilson Tsoi
Appreciative of your feedback J DOYLE: Thanks. I guess Edward Hopper is good, yes? JAYME: Glad it made you dizzy. ^_^ PAOLO: Thanks for your insight. CHERLYN: Glad you like it (don't worry about rating.) CHiPs: Thanks. McCRACKY: Very glad you dropped in and give me your 2 cents! COLIN: Thanks, especially from an ultra-wide enthusiast like youself. ^_^

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- It's making me a little dizzy! :)Super color, wonderful composition, as I tilt my head to the right!:)

J Doyle
Another interesting image, Wilson. Somehow reminds me of an Edward Hopper. Nice job!

David Koens
Great Picture Wilson, I notice you are making the most of wet weather in some of your pictures. You are very Smart! :o) DK.

Frank Melchior
Next time I think we need to shoot the market next time, I love those bricks, I'm learning so much from you, Wilson. Angle is fantastic.

Paula Grenside
You laways present a quite interesting and personal perspective in your photos. It's very effective and the light and reflections, here, are luminously gliding toward us.

Howard Dion
For me the angle and color and the fact there are no people make this shot. Hey, wait a minute. Wilson, where did all the people go?

Bob Kurt
Oooohhh. !!!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks folks for your feedback. PETER M.: Welcome back! Very glad you like this. KEN: Thanks, Doc. Unlike a swivel screeen of a digital compact (much easier,) I'll have to get an adapter for my rightangle finder now. HOWARD: Good question, Howard. There were very few people left at the market on weeknights. Couple people walked around in the background, but the long exposure pretty much rendered them invisible. PETER B.: This was shot on Thursday night at 9:11 pm (see clock, how convenient. ^_^) Thanks for the compliment. FERRANDO: Very glad you get to compare the two versions. I was not able to get as low as the vertical image, (Canon A80 right on the ground,) due to equipment limitation (DSLR without rightangle finder.) DAVID: Thanks for such compliment. Hey, stick around and don't stop posting. Your bird pix rock. FRANK: Alrighty then. We'll change venue next time around. You'll have to bring a bucket of water though. ^_^ PAULA: Thanks for your feedback, Paula. Guess we all bring something different to the table. BOB: Thanks? ^_^

Colin Carron
Nice use of the convergence into the top corner. Great reflections!

Ferrando Flores Rafael
Fantastic shot, love tha angle and reflections on paviment, the vertical of this is also great, another excellent photo for your stunning portfolio Regards, Rafael

Cherlyn .
All the good things have been said. What else is there left for me? Better for me to walk into the market for some good buys.
But I'll still like to say that this is a beautiful well exposed shot. (couldn't get my 7 in, so have to put in 6/6)

Paolo Nigris
Very interesting angle. The wet surface adds a lot and helps placing the picture in the right location....

David McCracken
Yawn!!! Wilson, Don't you get bored with all the 7/7s. I am afraid I can only add my little variation on this. T/T.

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
7/7 Wilson ... beautiful lighting !

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