Mr 16

by Peri John

mr nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Monday 23rd of May 2005 07:33:35 PM


Pawel Sawicki
:) This is a great photo and a great situation caught. Maybe the cat could be located on a bit brighter background, so that it would be more obvious, but anyway this is a lovely sceen plus a beautiful model. And even so the composition here is really good - the white, grey and black are put into a really good balance... Well... What shall I say - I am a fan :)

Marielou Dhumez
Non seulement la pose du modele est belle et naturelle et attendrissante mais aussi la composition de la photo est tres soignee avec ces espaces neutres, equilibrés et soigneusement vides.

John Peri
Marion with cat A rather strange picture possibly of Marion with her cat ..... incidentally, she was very jealous of me and hissed at me throughout the session ... Rebecca that is !

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