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Published: Sunday 22nd of May 2005 09:00:57 AM


Bill Rogers
Just Like A Woman For some reason, this makes me think of the Bob Dylan song "Just Like A Woman," one of my favorites. She makes love just like a woman, and she aches just like a woman, but she breaks just like a little girl. http://bobdylan.com/songs/justlike.html

Angel Pena
Love it. I wonder how you did it. tells a story, Cheers !

Superb ! John, A real work of art and a great and sensitive way to look at a figure of a woman. Beautiful natural lines with that just finished glaze look, and no finger marks. A fine work 7/7

John Peri
.. other times not ...!

John Peri
Thanks, glad you like it Richard.

Stephane Brouard
Silicone is not fragile

John Peri
.... and yet, your last posting is very similar in concept, no? Strange, but many thanks for your comment!

Rina H
I prefer the original version. Her body is nuzzling so perfectly into the sofa. The cushions/sofa are a perfect match with her pose. The elegantly held hands that I love in this shot got also lost in your b/w version. Her cut-off hands look very unfortunate.

John Peri
Porcelain Sometimes, women are as fragile as porcelain ...

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