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by Peri John

df nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Saturday 21st of May 2005 11:27:12 PM


Brian Rosenbloom
she looks kinda pissed off.

Brian Rosenbloom
John, it kinda looks that way, doesn't it. Actually, I am usually so awed by your work that I'm speechless. Hold on a sec, I do recall leaving a comment one of your other photos (see JP F343), perhaps that comment was more constructive. She still looks kinda pissed off though, don't ya think?

John Peri
Thank you Brian. That is a very useful critique of my photo. Out of over 600 photos that I have posted, is that all that you have found to say?

anne knes
10 / 10 NICE JOHN !!!!!!!!

John Peri
... "Anastasia" .. for those that do not know her well !

Ben S
alluring, stunning, vulnerable. one of your finest portraits in my opinion.

carlton greening
Carlton greening Nice shot mate

John Peri
Nasty (that's her name!) Unsure yet proud ...

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