Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Ian Jeanneret

J. B. Ellis
Common? It might be common to you, but to us that have never seen anything like this it is quite impressive. Cheers.

Ed Book
reply to Yongbo J I always work with Adobe RGB as the working profile because my primary use if for printing and I like to use the widest gamut for working and then convert to the printer profile for printing and leave my master with Adobe RGB as the imbeded profile. Along the way, I resize to abut 800 pixels and sharpen for posting in my online journal at http://edbook.livejournal.com. I guess I should be converting to sRGB for those that I'm going to post on the internet but haven't had problems with many of the images... Thanks for your comment and advice. I'm finding that some of my clients have been requesting sRGB lately so will have to evaluate my methods... Peace

Ed Book
Reply to Ferrando F R This jpg does no justice to the print that I was able to produce. The print doesn't display as dark as this and there is detail and color in the dark areas in the image. I've found that many of the images stored on my online server have lost detail, saturation, and luminosity as compared to the jpgs that were uploaded. I copied these images from the online server vice my own files as I currently don't have access to the HD were they are stored... a minor problem that should rectify itself soon--I hope... Thank You for your comment. Peace

Alec Ee
Very dramatic. Must have been a lovely sight to behold.

Sam Bal
Super sight! Cheers, Sam.

F. Monteiro
I'm not impressed either... I get this kind of scenes around every corner of my wildest dreams. The other day the mountain was wearing a hat. Looked kind of funny every time the wind took her skirt up.

Warren Williams
Quite remarkable. Warren

Major Black
WOW! Really beautiful Ed!

Mike Gal
Wonderful image! Quite increadible. Well done!

Ferrando Flores Rafael
7/7 A shame you didnt shot it with more quality, eitherways that scene is Celestial! Cheers, Rafael

Yongbo Jiang
Hi Ed Here is the problem. You should only use sRGB as the profile and use Unsharp Mask (maybe 0.3 pixels) to get the details for web.

Pawel Czapiewski
Hi Ed. Exotic looking cloud. As to RGB- browsers are not space savvy and assume sRGB no matter what the profile is. Regards,

A.K. Sircar
Excellent image,Ed. Best regards.

Bryan Olesen
Geez, where have I been? I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before. Great image Ed.

Tomaso Nigris
Excellent picture

J.B. Junson
Holy Altocumulus Lenticularis!! Cloud trivia: these stationary lens-shaped clouds are often mistaken for UFOs. Not a bad shot, I wish the light had been a little better.

Landrum Kelly
The colors do seem a bit flat, as if you might possibly have clipped some of your colors by using RGB in this case. Even so, it might have given you exactly what you wanted on a print. Otherwise, I like the picture enormously. Lenticular clouds always fascinate me. We often get them here in the lee of the Appalachians, and I have also seen them in the Andes and in the Rockies. The stream of the easterlies blowing in from the Brazilian rain forest can sometimes set up a flow that lasts and lasts, with clouds forming on one side and dissolving on the other for very long periods of time. --Lannie

Joaquim Chitas
Wonderful image!

Xingyuan Wang
Awesome. Truly beautiful. This looks like it was taken from somewhere to the north of the mountain -- if I may ask, where was this taken?

Ed Book
Howdy, 'just noticed your comment. This image was made from due west of the mountain at the Puyallup Ridge (abandoned) fire lookout. It's located on private timberlands and I had permission to visit the fire lookout from the landowner for a survey of the tower. Peace, Ed Book

Greg Neils
Cool story and an amazing picture. It is inspiring. Thanks for posting it.

Per Hanfsamen
Thank You I've been to Mt. Rainier just once but yourepic brought back so many memories, thank you so much regards Hanf

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