Launching tower.

by Amelkovich Igor

launching tower nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Wednesday 18th of May 2005 09:49:01 AM


Fotograf Sam
i hope... she is thinking about using the rope for herself...:) perfect contrast skin/background. Perfect model. Sam

Fotograf Sam
ooopppsss I meant, I hope she is NOT thinking about it...sorry :) Sam

David McCracken
Fishing for old coal miners! When I was a kid I used to hang around building sites and used mines. I can honestly say in all that time no beautiful, healthy young girls came along. You are a lucky man!

Jesus Ayala
Beautiful, Bravoo Nice composition and also excellent model, I love it. (Picture) 7/7 Thanks for Sharing it. Jesus :)

Christian S. Mendes
7/7 Very good composition.

Giorgio Gruizza
Very good!!

John Kelly
Excellent ! Excellent thought provoking work by you and the model. Because of her powerful stance she looks to me as if she is about to lassoo the tower. It says a lot for a photo's composition when it takes more than a few minutes for me to notice the vertical tower, model and horizon are actually tilted by about 30 degrees. Amazing! This shot really works! 7/7 John

Daniel Parker
great rack!

Igor Amelkovich
Launching tower. The deserted mine.

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