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by Peri John

mc nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Sunday 15th of May 2005 04:27:57 PM


Chris Cross
Well, we all like classical nudes. The only disturbing thing, IMHO, are the high heels. But far much better as the average glamour thing. I like it. Regards Chris

David McCracken
Interesting request... Like most of your images, this one isn't very difficult to look at. It is a simple image and charming because of it. I often feel simple images are more intimate. Photos posted here are about the photographer and not the model.... having said that, she is rather nice. (Isn't 'nice' a terrible word?)

Kaur Lass
Feels like 1930-s. Groovy and at the same time a little shy. Lovely.

Brian Hamill
John, A while since we were in touch. Congratulations on this stunning portrait. I had no idea Sharon Stone worked for you. Best wishes. Brian

Tammy V.
Love the rich tones and classic pose.

John Peri
I broke my own rule here and personalized the presentation of this picture. That is entirely my fault! Maybe I should have said one of my best friends, rather than favourite models ... which is equally true!

Jim Hayes
You have said that before, and while it would be difficult to choose from all your "friends". I have to say, that I totally agree with you. There certainly is something very special about her. Always a 12/12 with me.

Thomas Collins
John, This is lovely and I chuckle at the self-critique of your personalization. You are indeed human. This image is just wonderful and I can understand why you value her. On another note, a recent model of mine, Jamie Rose, will be in Paris for a couple of days in the upcoming month. She would love to contact you for a photo shoot. May I send her your contact info? You can see her in my recent shots.

John Peri
Thomas, I would be truly honoured to meet your model and of course to photograph her too. Your work and what you accomplish with her being so professional though, I wonder if she would be atttracted to my carefree style.

David Blair
I'm not sure why, but I was mesmerised by this photo. I love her posture and innocence. Fantastic use of dof and lighting

Vittorio Pellazza
I have missed this beauty with great geometries of body. 7/7

John Peri
Sabrina Well, we all have a favourite model ... and this one is mine .. !

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