crossing, again

by Gordley James

crossing again seeking critique gordley james

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Published: Saturday 14th of May 2005 05:51:47 PM


Sky Blue
Nice Kind of a "Back to the Future" feel to it. 6/7

Tony Bell
This is very interesting. I really do like it. I seem to feel like the train is running in reverse but that is probably just me. I love the subject of trains. I have a folder on railroading if you'd like to take a gander. Very nice work.

James Gordley
Tony While I am not a "train buff" I had to stop for a moment as I crossed the rail road tracks on my way home. This train was just parked there and screamed to me "Park the car and grab this shot". As I stood there on the track I couldn't help but wonder what one might see if this train was up to speed and bearing down on him/her. My imagination saw only the front of the train everything else became secondary. This may well turn into a seris. I checked out your rail road folder and found it very interesting, what a beast that steam engine is.

Eugenio Cuesta
I like the sensation of movement that you have obtained in this photo. Regards.

Donald L Fackler Jr
I like this shot better then the first one because it looks more real. To me it looks like you were on the back of one train being chased by another one. I think it is a good illusion. Don

John Barclay
I really like it! The motion is very interesting and well done. I also like the position of the train.

Nick Karagiaouroglou
Breath taking James, this was a brilliant idea. Just like driving with the same speed in front of the train, and looking back - does it come nearer? It has something of panic, something of speed, something of running away. Very nice! Best wishes, Nick

James Gordley
Thanks for all of your comments Tony, funny your should use the word reverse that is a kind of feeling I am trying to get from this image "What a train speeding in on you might look like from a car window while crossing the tracks" John,and Eugenio This is one of those images where the motion is everything. The composition was used to allow the rushing train room to enter the remaining frame. M. Barbu, The photo is not a composite so if the train doesn't look right it must have been me, can you tell me more about where it looks off, or better yet copy this one and toss it into PhotoShop and show me. Thanks in advance for your help. Donald, I must agree this second attempt is much better than the first, much of that due to critiques and advice like yours, thank you for the help. Sky Blue, Kind of that on-rush thing I never did think of a Back to the Future approach but I can see where your coming from. Nick, Thanks, the idea behind the shot was to evoke that since of panic, what one might feel if they crossed the rail tracks at the wrong time, that since of wanting to run away.

Joachim Lehmann
Very interesting photograph. I like it. Best regards Joachim

James Gordley
Rail Crossing This the second attempt at adding motion to a photograph in which there was none. Your thoughts and recomendations greatly appreciated.

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