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Published: Friday 13th of May 2005 04:08:02 PM


John Peri
Yes I do. Maybe that's what makes them laugh!

John Peri
Chris, not too sure what you mean by punchy! Have to work with a model a little before she gets used to the camera ... this is her first .. I use film and digital since a couple of months now ..

Fran Garcia

George Frost
Beautiful Model - generic shot

Detlef Klahm
I like this image, but I prefer the insert ( close up with a smile) over the posted one.

Angel Pena
Yeah it's hard to teach a model to pose. Sometimes a girl willing to pose nude is not enough, the right emotion has to surface. I love this one, and I am sure you'll get more emotion out of her soon.

Curt T.
I guess colors are a little more punchy/contrasty. Your models always look relaxed, one of the things that give your pictures away as being yours to me.

Christos Stavrou
what was said is so true.. your photos are recognisable, and yes, i think this has to do with the interaction you establish... sometimes makes me wonder if a tape recording should be available with your photos.. and if this will usually include loads of giggling ;-)

John Peri
... well, she seemed to be having a good time, which I guess is one of the important things ...

Guillermo Mario Martinez Caballero
Nice done John I agree with you about the pose of the models. Perharps some of the problems about unable poses are the confortability or relationship bwtween model and photographer.

Curt T.
john beautiful model, what kind of gear are you using, film ? digital? The latest couple of images seem less punchy than some of your other work? good work regardless. chris

John Peri
Thanks Chris, I certainly take that as a compliment. Though obviously we shouldn't only photograph people when they looked relaxed, in situations such as above the model must feel at ease or she will never "let go" as she has here in the top picture.

John Peri
First session .. I almost never pose my models. I just ask them to lie down and get comfortable ...

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