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Published: Thursday 12th of May 2005 10:32:45 PM


Yeung-Seu Yoon
I love this image--it has energy, but also a sweet sort of nostalgic feeling to it. Really good.

James Gordley
More motion... Andrey and Peter thank you both for your suggestions. Andrey I see what you mean about the shirt popping a little better had it been yellow. Peter I liked your "Mad Tea Party" image (manipulation free) I did mimick it just a bit it this 2nd effort. The one thing I just don't want to loose from this image is the smile on the kids face.

Andrei V
James, I like your second version of blurring a lot more than the first one. Regards, Andrey.

Peter van den Hamer
Comparable? For what it's worth, here is a similar shot of mine (without any manipulation) taken at 1/11 of a second exposure. Link to photo.

Andrei V
This effect imitates panning with relatively long exposure, but it looks very artificial because of the border between still and blurred parts of the image. Maybe adding some motion blurring to the kid, too, would help to make it more realistic? And since you've gone so far to modify the image, maybe you'll go even further and recolor the kid's shirt? This blue blends with background, I'd suggest yellow, which matches his cart and makes him stand out from background (yellow is - what do they call it? - advancing color, it looks closer than blue).

James Gordley
Faster A few years ago (2001) at the county fair.

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