by Peri John

untitled glamour fine art photography portrait seeking crit peri john

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Published: Thursday 12th of May 2005 09:28:29 PM


James Oluoch-Olunya
She looks more bored than sad. Her body language screams "I rather watch paint dry off a wall" in my opinion.

Amar Khoday
Sometimes a more sombre image works fine. I rather like her expression. I'd crop a bit more off the left though John.

Bill Rogers
It's a faintly bemused expression, as I see it. "Oh, men and their toys," she may be thinking.

John Peri
Well, maybe all of that is a little true ... and yet look just a few minutes later .... Ah women, lets face it, they do what they want with us !

Larry McGarity
6/6 Whatever the reason its a beautiful portrait of a lovely lady. Very nice. 6/6

Christian S. Mendes
7/6 Good shot. You got a very interesting expression, like a little borred but extremelly beautiful. Regards

Amar Khoday
Not so bored and/or sombre anymore...

John Peri
Nostalgia .. A little sadder maybe than my usual portraits. I don't really know why she took on this expression, but a captured moment anyway ...

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