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Published: Tuesday 10th of May 2005 02:58:31 AM


Christopher Appoldt
Absolutely agreed, above. Wilson, how'd you create the motion effect?

Pulok Pattanayak
Fantastic work. Regards..

Michael Murphy
Ichiro awesome, 7/7

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Excellent .. Wilson !
Love the motion blur .

Ken Beilman
Wils You've outdone yourself on this one. Tremendous visual impact and masterfully crafted. Love the bokeh and the motion blurs and how the subject just pops out of the frame.

Wilson Tsoi
Pete, 300 2.8: Don't get too excited. Mine is a third party variety, second hand. Still very useable though. Travel Lens Kit: You have more than adequate telephoto focal length coverage (70-200 2.8, TC-1.4x, 135 2.0.) Since you're really fond of the 135, I would have taken that along with the TC1.4 and leave the 70-200 at home. The 28-75 is good medium range, but for your case (1.6 factor,) only works out to be a 45mm coverage at the widest. Think of it as an exercise in composition then, and working with what you have. On a second thought, why not pick up something around 17mm f3.5 (even a 18-55 Rebel kit lens) from local store to get by during your trip? It can be Canon, third party, used, or whatever. What the heck, since you're there, if you can't find a 17mm lens, then how about picking up a digital compact with 28mm wide coverage as a back up, or at the very least one with 35mm focal length? Whatever you picked up and don't care to keep later, you can unload them on eBay when you're back. Getting images is priority! ^_^

Pnina Evental
The motion blur is super!! and all the rest. Pnina

Cherlyn .

Richie Bittner
Wonderful Having just seen the Yankee/Seatle series, I'm impressed with how well you captures the essence of this player.

Warren Williams
Wilson, you've cracked this one wide open. Baseball is not a game that is followed in my country, but I'll tell you what, I'd put this in a frame any day! Excellent work, you should be very proud of it. Kind regards. Warren

Sondra Kicklighter
Wilson, an outstanding shot. I like the blur of movement around his legs. Cheers, Sondra

Wilson Tsoi
Sondra, Thanks. For comparison sake, here's the original capture.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Terrific job!

Colin Carron
Fine action shot and I like all the radial effects from the background and some unidentified stuff in the lower foreground. All adds to the energy of the shot.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all so far, KEN: Thanks for your kind comment. HOWARD: Got lucky, you know. Was fortunate to get front row, charter seat toward third base side. Too bad the team stinks as of late. JAYME: Thanks! JUHA: Very glad you like it. BTW, how do you get the umlaut on the A? CHRISTOPHER: Thanks for checking this out. I duplicate the layer > filter > blur > motion blur > zoom > amount=50 > 50% opaqcity > erase selective area > flatten. I'm sure that you'll find it very easy. PULOK: I appreciate your visit. PNINA: Thanks for your comment. MICHAEL: Thanks for your feedback. CHiPs: Very glad you like it. WARREN: Thanks, Warren. I really appreciate your compliment. I suppose I can replace his baseball bat with a cricket bat. ^_^ CHERLYN: Thanks for your visit. DAVID: Glad you think so, DK. COLIN: Appreciate your feedback! RICHIE: Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately the Ms keeps on finding ways to loose. Up 5-0 in first, still lost. PETER: Seat couldn't have been better which is just above the visitor's dugout. Used the 300 2.8, but eventually was told by security that it's not permitted in the park (no, "big" lens.) So glad to hear from you. In Florence? That's rad! Can't wait to your pix from this trip. ^_^

Howard Dion
I second Ken's comment and would like to add that you must have been sitting on the turf when you made the shot!

David Koens
Great Baseball Shot Wilson. DK.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
I love the tones and the motion that you added. The bright uniform really pops out of the darker background!

Craig Ferguson
Wilson, This is, if not the best, then very close to it, sports shot I've ever seen. Amazing work. (Along with the other image).

Wilson Tsoi
Lou Ann, Craig, Certainly appreciate your kind words. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"Ichiro." So far, he's the only guy doing much damage for the Mariners. Feedback is welcome.

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