8 Seconds

by Gordley James

seconds seeking critique gordley james

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Published: Friday 6th of May 2005 07:11:45 PM


Alin Balanean
Well, this is better. The crop on the other version was to tight I think. I like this better. Very nice! Congrats!

Hashim A
Slick... nicely done.

Jeff Clement
Incredibly cool idea. Very well done!

Ilker Gurer

James Gordley
No really how long was the exposure. Dave
I knew somebody would ask, I just figured that they would point out that the stop watch had actually been running 3 minutes and 10 seconds before the shutter was opened.

If you would like the exposure details I will be happy to post them here.

Dave Nitsche
So how long was the exposure... sorry... couldn't resist. This is one of the better shots of this type I have seen. Nice lighting and tonality. Dave

James Gordley
8 Seconds Trying out my new close up filters, and keeping an eye on the time. Your thoughts and comments are always welcome.

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