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by Peri John

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Published: Friday 6th of May 2005 05:50:39 PM


Christian S. Mendes
6/6 Good composition. I like her expression, the smile is soft, beautiful.

Greg Goldstein
You are slick John. I never had the courage to use the photographer line. It's very cliche in Los Angeles, right up there with "I'm a producer". Nice shot ... I guess the last one is in the glass as they say in in Hollywood :-) Greg

Ken Dennis
I to have used this method! After several seconds of which, IM usualy drenched in Coke, and the girl is sputtering in a language at very high tones I might add, that I don't think her mother would care to hear! So, I don't attempt this that often anymore, unless its been a slow day, and IM really bored!

Conte Oliver
very nice! ciao

Ken Dennis
John Its not for lack of technique, I usualy don't get past Hello IM "splash"@!@$#%<&$, even my wife slaped me, the first time I met her! "she didnt throw Coke at me, so I married her" ;o) Ken

Eff Yew Tew
I am deleting my former comments.

David McCracken
I hope..... I hope she says, "Yes!" I often walk up to girls in Cafes too John. It is a delightful way to meet people. This is a charming picture of a enchanting lady. Nothing else needs to be said.

David McCracken
I take issue..... Hey John.... Leave us oiks alone. I am an oik and I have had some success. No one has ever thrown coffee over me either.

anne knes
7 / 7. BEAUTIFUL JOHN !!!!!!

Tawhid Uddin

WOW What a wonderful story! What's your secret with these women? You make them feel so confortable it's scary. We all want to be like you. You are very respectful of them, that's a given, but tell us.

Thanks Thanks Master.

John Peri
Hans, there is no secret obviously. I think that the importance is to be straightforward and poilte. What I do is to first ask for an appointment for coffee, at which time I show them some of my pictures and give them are reference to Photo net and then, if it works out, make an appointment for a shoot. If you get that far, it's usually ok. It is also important to honour one's word and always to give the prints promised to the model afterwards.

John Peri
Intrigue .. I met this beautiful young lady a couple of weeks ago .. well, I didn't actually meet her, I walked up to her in a café and told her that I would just love to photograph her. Had a drink with her a few days later and here we are ... I will see her again tomorrow and check with her if I can post her some of her pictures ......

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