"Wet Needle"

by Tsoi Wilson

wet needle seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Category: Architecture

Published: Thursday 5th of May 2005 02:09:04 AM


Howard Dion
This composition makes for a really excellent visual experience. The particulary like the toning. Thanks for making this version.

Ken Beilman
Another very interesting perspective. I love the texture the rain drops give. More great A80 work.

Colin Carron
Wilson, I don't know quite why but somehow this looks like it could be a modernist architecture poster from the 1930's. The sepia looks like the photogravure printing techniques of the time too.

Pnina Evental
The partition of forms and elements in the composition are great. Square, triangle. straight and round lines,textures and sepia color, all contribute to a perfect " orchestration". Pnina

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson, you just never cease to find a wonderful angle on this thing. When I was there several years back, I remember thinking, it was so strikingly unique, but I never imaged all the wonderful ways of looking at it. You should most definitely be hired by downtown Seattle to promote the city. Now do some of the wharf!!!!Please! I loved the little shops, on the back side, going down. Very unique and fun!

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Nice one, Wils. I like the sepia tone ... and the water droplets create an interesting texture. Do you really want to prove the Seattle stereotype ... that it's always raining there? ;-)

Andrew Bridges
This composition makes for a beautiful abstract, a harmonious balance of tones, textures, and shapes. Of course, the angle distorts the dimensions so much that it's impossible to register the size of the Space Neddle. But long, hard, and wet, or otherwise, size doesn't matter. ;-)

José Miguel Nieto Ojeda
Excelente composicion. 7/7

Kim Slonaker
Wilson, this is one of my all-time favorites of your needle shots. I love the sepia treatment!

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Me too ! hehehe ....

CR: A new creation in the row of your "reduced" works (A Dutch Town sepia) I especially like ... REgards

Paula Grenside
Great intersections of lines; amazing perspective as usual, Wilson. Love the sepia tone, too.

A.K. Sircar
Interesting and beautiful composition .

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you everyone... KEN: Thanks. The little A80 sure is fun. PNINA: Well put, Pnina! HOWARD: Glad you like it. Tough to keep coming up with new approach for this structure. JOSE: Gracias! ANDREW: Thanks for the feedback. Guess it depends on how one uses it. ^_^ LOU ANN: Makes for a prototypical Seattle image, doesn't it? JAYME: Glad you like this view, too. I'll have to think about those gift shops down in waterfront and Post alley. Summer is coming up . . . PAULA: So glad you like it! REINER: Good memory, RE. Glad you noticed. COLIN: Very interesting observation. Indeed it does have the look! KIM: Very glad to hear this is your favorite so far. So you're more of a warm, sepia person rather than a colorful, flamboyant, "Space Odessey" type? ^_^ CHiPs: Okay then, you also like this wet one! AMAL: Thanks for your comment. Wilson ^_^

Don Miller
I've enjoyed your Needle images; this is one of the best. Very classy and classic. As to the rain, don't tell anyone it's primarily propaganda to keep too many people from moving up here.

Wilson Tsoi
That's right, Don. It's absolutely miserable up here in Seattle area. If we stay in one place too long, moss will grow . . . ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"A Wet Needle." It's long, hard, and wet (sorry, can't help it ^_^) It's Seattle Space Needle. Feedback is welcome.

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