trap for ghost - mio spirits

by Shaman Evgeniy

trap for ghost mio spirits seeking critique shaman evgeniy

Gallery: Art-Nu

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Wednesday 4th of May 2005 09:34:23 PM


Ken Thalheimer
SO good! Very impressive work

Amar Khoday
Nice ghost like effect.

Bravo !7/7 very impressive image.

Yuri Bonder
7/7 7/7

Sue Anna Joe
Ah I love how she is posed and the lighting. Yes very ghostly. Wonderful execution!

Evgeniy Shaman
thanks to all

Teru Kage
Beautiful and frightening at the same time. I think it's the left hand reaching out towards us (and her apparent looking at us) that gives this an almost scary yet forlorn feel. Very well done.

Albert Aguirre
Love it! Wow! I would like to imitate this shot if thats ok... Absolutly excellent. Bravo!

Paulo Marx

Jon Gausdal
5/6 A great idea, but in my opinion the result is somewhat anonymous. Her hand is too dominating, her face too much in the background, and the contrast too low (although I realize ghosts come around with low contrast :-). Its attraction grows while watching it though, that's a good sign!

Illat Jerome
what a beautiful ghost !!!

Aneta Badziag

Evgeniy Shaman
trap for ghost - mio spirits comments are welcome...

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