Golden sunshine....a weed by any other name

by Gordley James

golden sunshinea weed by any other name seeking critique gordley james

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Category: Flower

Published: Wednesday 4th of May 2005 04:24:05 PM


Paula Grenside
This is different; love the contrast, the fading of the sun. Excellent DOF, too.

John maness
I like to take photos of weeds it's always a surprise when you see them on a large monitor.

Janet Lee
Love your interpretation of this 'weed'.

James Gordley
Weeds Some people call them weeds, I call lawn. Thanks everyone for your comments.

James Gordley
THANKS Thank you each and every one for your comments on this photo. I was going to use some weed killer on the lawn until I saw this photograph. I never realized how attractive a weed could be. I really like the way that each petal looks like a brush stroke...Anyone have a recipe for dandelion wine?

James Gordley
A weed by any other name Finally some sunshine.

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