Paper weight #1

by Gordley James

paper weight seeking critique gordley james

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Published: Tuesday 3rd of May 2005 12:44:16 AM


James Gordley
Light Tent The image was shot inside a homemade light tent, for the most part it has worked great...until now I'll have to check into one just to see if the reflections are eleminated.

Radu Carp
This paper weight is an excelent item to shot.I like what you did here,try more because I think that is excellent,regards,Radu

J. Micheal Fitch
You may want to try a light tent; they're available at B&H and you can get a setup for as little as $150 with 2 lights.

hiro aki
Beautiful, but yeah, reflection is unfortunate. Did you try polarizer?

James Gordley
Hiro Aki, That is the one thing that I have not tried yet. But is the next thing I'm going to try. Thanks

James Gordley
Liquid Smoke For the most part I like the results, except for the reflections. Your comments and suggestions would be most appreciated as to an easy way to eleminate these "hot spots" for the next time I am doing any highly reflective subjects.

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