Paper weight #2

by Gordley James

paper weight seeking critique gordley james

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Published: Tuesday 3rd of May 2005 12:41:13 AM


kevin foster
hmmm... maybe cut a hole in a piece of black posterboard about the size of the base of the paperweight, then put the posterboard on a light table and the paperweight on the posterboard so the light is coming solely from underneath the paperweight? not sure how practical that is...

Seven Stuartson
Shooting closer with a macro lens might produce a dynamic abstract; you'd need some rear lighting though, resting the paperweight on coloured paper would increase the range of hues. Just what comes to mind - nice as is, however.

Cody Olander
Light Fight You could try some form of double polarization. Polarize the light source in one direction (ie. horizontal) and polarize the lens perpendicularly (if that is a word?) (ie vertical). This may result in the loss of some of those beautiful prizmatic flares but the good may out weigh the bad. Worth a try anyhow.

James Gordley
Glass in the studio Fighting the lights...any suggestions on how to kill those nasty reflections would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance for any and all help with this.

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