Hidden Nude

by Ipenburg Wim

hidden nude seeking critique ipenburg wim

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Published: Monday 2nd of May 2005 10:40:47 PM



Brooks Gelfand
An interesting concept nicely executed. 6/6

Guy Scrivner
Even if this image did not have the hidden nude in it, it would still be technically very well done. Wonderfully creative and interesting.

Conte Oliver
Great idea,Wim! Very nice. ciao

Eamon Lane
Great idea It's rare to see humour photographed so well. eamon

Robert van Duuren
Hidden? The hidden camera takes a wonderful shot. Is that your wife, Wim? You must make more of those pics. (lol)

Nicholas Price
Hello Wim. Fantastic! Cleaver, whitty and technically well done! 6/6 Regards, Nick.

jim bonnici
6/6 I dont know which my eye was drawn to, the beauty of a classic Carl Zeiss piece of glass, or the beauty within that Zeiss. Very clever image/idea.

Ada Ipenburg
Hoi Wim, Heel gerafineerd. De titel moest me op het spoor zetten. En voor de rest...een prachtige foto! Groetjes, Ada;)

Vi P
Nice job ;)

Niklas Fred
Ah,a good idea here. Would need to be seen as a BIG print,though.

Nigel Dixon
Wow! At first I dodn't see it. But then the whole point came to me. A wonderful photograph. Nigel Dixon

Wim Ipenburg
Hidden Nude Hidden Nude. Critiques are welcome, thanks.

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