Liquid Smoke

by Gordley James

liquid smoke seeking critique gordley james

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Category: Abstract

Published: Sunday 1st of May 2005 06:47:15 PM


Larry McGarity
6/6 Its beautiful. I think the uncropped version is even nicer. 6/6

James Gordley
Defined ab?stract [ ᢠstrakt ] -arts
nonrepresentational: not aiming to depict an object but composed with the focus on internal structure and form.

Just kidding, the image was croped from a photograph of a crystal paper weight

Seven Stuartson
Prefer the crop which is a true abstract, some wonderful forms.

Erin Albertson
A fan of your series... I definitely like the crop too. Well executed. Are these your pieces? Do you collect Art Glass? Doing for a catalog perhaps?

James Gordley
Erin The collection of art glass belongs to my wife. I started picturing them as an exercise in photographing glass and other highly reflective subjects, and to see if I could use houshold lights and a bed sheet for some halfway decent results. The art glass looked so nice I just had to share with all the folks on PN.

Nick Karagiaouroglou
Excellent! One of the best pictures of selfsimilarity I've seen so far! Hat off! Nick

James Gordley
Liquid Smoke Eye candy, enjoy. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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