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by Peri John

nf nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Sunday 1st of May 2005 11:20:53 AM


Joe Baker
beautiful model; nice background, photo has a very nice tone to the exposure; but the pose seems a bit odd, she doesn,t look relaxed. i have no experance with nude models, is it hard to get them to relax.

Jan Frosik
John, look:

Detlef Klahm
shyness of this model is well. natural inviroment adds to this

Allan Kirby
This picture makes me think of contrasts. Some traditional dress and brasswork from India and a peeling away of those cultural icons. It would be a good theme for a series - the woman emerging from the stereotype, as India itself is changing.

John Peri
Joe, that is an interesting and rather frequent comment that is made in fact about not only about nude but portrait photography too. Does it mean that we are only to photograph people when they look relaxed? I'm not sure that I agree with that and surely it would end up being rather boring! I think that sometimes it is also interesting to capture the tension that prevails in certain situations, as above.

Jeff Davidson
On my dull days I clean up my garage "It was a dull day and we decided to stay indoors and do some photos ....." Geez. I gotta get a life. Another nice photo, John. One thing I must say about you: you are consistent. You add content frequently, and I think people come to expect something routine from you. That's okay... keep them coming.

John Peri
Well Jim, there are a couple of dozen of yours and more about which I can say the same, in fact I'm mad at you, because you said it first !

Natasha Barabasha
Great shot!

John Peri
Sunday afternoon It was a dull day and we decided to stay indoors and do some photos .....

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