"Table for Two"

by Tsoi Wilson

table for two seattle tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 30th of April 2005 01:36:38 AM


Radu Carp
An excellent moment and shot,regards,Radu7/7

Nvidia naturally 3D ? Great shot..the one on the right struck me right away as having Nvidia colors! Nvidia the 3D graphics giants long running main color..so much so I emailed them this [your PN link]. Who knows maybe they'll be inclined to want to use the image entirely or as a jumping off point for their next marketing campaign or perhaps at least offer the public another butterfly screensaver for (demo-cool stuff) download. They have an older butterfly dl (screensaver) not their best work but at that time a decent offering and moreso to advanced users who can really appreciate the challenges of taking something so simple (from concept onward) and making it digitally do things-beautiful things becomes part of the art-making whatever 'it' is look effortless. I assure you I have no agenda to plug a thing for the sake of it. I've admired your eye for some time and in this specifically....mine too ; )

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your comments, Radu & MUSA, M-USA, certainly flattered by your comment and very much appreciate your action. Sorry to take so long to reply. ^_^

Gaetan Chevalier
Great capture of a beautiful moment. Sharp image offer nice details and the colors are superb.

Allon Kira
What a fantastic capture, Wilson!!! excellent macro with the perfect title! :)

David McCracken
Talent and Luck! Your talent has never been in doubt but now you are lucky too......... T/T

Manikandan Narendran
Excellent timing and capture. Beautiful colours.

Dennis Jones
OOOOOO Yeah!...I like this. Right place, right time, good eye.

Pulok Pattanayak
Excellent capture. Kind regards...

Julio Segura Carmona
Excelente Perfecta composicion,,, color y un bello encuadre ,,, un cordial saludo 6/6

Paula Grenside
Two competing for beauty. Very good.

Pnina Evental
Or "tango" for two, dressed in such beautiful colors...Well captured Wilson. Pnina

Howard Dion
Quite amazing, especially when viewed large. You can almost reach out and touch these beauties!!

Colin Carron
Wilson, getting one butterfly sitting on a branch, in focus, correctly exposed and in the right 'pose' is difficult enough. Getting two is a downright miracle. Amazing!

Kim Slonaker
Very nice, Wilson! A very hard to capture image, I'm sure, as Colin mentioned. Great that you had two different kinds of butterflies, too.

Mario Spalla
7-7 Simply fabolous!! Great capture e perfect composition!! Bravo!

Vezon Thierry
7/7 Excellent

Ken Beilman
Wils This is fabulous. Tremendous composition, exposure, bokeh, and detail.

alexandra rauh
Amazing and beautiful

Cherlyn .
Superb picture & colours, esp the 'table'& I like the green-gowned buttefly.

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Again ! It so beautiful .... !

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Beautiful composition, DOF and color. Did you use super glue on their tiny little feet? :)

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for all your feedback, DENNIS: Thanks. Just so happened to be. McCRACKY: Wish I'm as lucky as you! COLIN: Thanks. Guess we'll stick with the luck theory for now. PNINA: Tango is good, too. PULOK: Glad you like it. JULIO: Gracias! KIM: Wish I'm as consistent in finding these as you are with birds. ALEXANDER: Very glad you like it. PAULA: Thanks for your kind comment. MANIKANDAN: Appreciate your compliment. HOWARD: Go right ahead. They're real. ^_^ GAETAN: Thank you much for your compliment. ALLON: So glad you like it. MARIO: Thanks for your enthusiasm! PETER: Thanks for your inspiration. VEZON: So glad you like it. ALEXANDRA: Danke! KEN: Thank for your encouragement for a true macro lens. ^_^ CHERLYN: Appreciate your comment. JAYME: Very funny, you! CHiPs: You're too kind. Wilson ^_^

Wow!!!! Excellent photo

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