by Simon Janosch

springtime seeking critique simon janosch

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Friday 29th of April 2005 10:47:48 PM


Jesús Pizarro
7/7 Excellent point of approach, an image fills of sensuality and freshness. Regards.

Randall Paul
Great shot it does put a grin to your face. lol

Ivan Dropco
uff .. it?s very nice background :-)

Svend Erik Poulsen

I feel like giving God a thumbs up - he got this one just right. Of cause you caught it well too.

Nikiforos Mandilaras
Excellent job Nikiforos

Daniel Demers
Refreshing! Nice work for sure! Composition is really sexy and the white background reinforce the skin tones and shadows. 7/7

Scott Kennelly
Fu**ing HOT!!! Fine - a tribute to the beauty of the behind. Sweet, cute, and sexy! Very nice job! THANK YOU.

Kristina Förd
WoW ...wish mine was quite as hot as this...

Nibir Hazarika
Fantasy Great shot! It's every man's desire to have a billowing skirt reveal more. Perfect dress, perfect bottom. A good idea well executed. Congrats!

Dave Foster
Can I give 9's?

Earl McLean
My concern is that her left hand looks burnt out toward edges and as a consequence tends to merge with the background, particularly in the wrist region. Otherwise a very good photo, which makes me want to see more. I very much like that textile pattern design, material and cut by the way. Your models seem to know how to dress themselves very well.

Strauch Georges Antoine
Vivement le printemps ! 7/7 i like spring time ...

Zack Peck
Superb I have just revised my rating from 6/6 to 7/7 since this is by far the best image in weeks Thanks for sharing regards Zack

Christian S. Mendes
7/7 Extremelly sexy and well composed. A very creative view, that mix sensuality and good taste.

Joe Baker
i love this; great ass, if you don,t mind me saying;; also a very nice fhoto,well done 6/6

robert stefano
Breath of spring 7/7

Gaétan Poirier
"This is Cute" Wellcome Springtime :-))

Pitman Lee
This is a real peach of a shot! ;0)

Alexander Sokolov

welcome springtime. Like this

Thomas Collins
Excellent! Love it!

Robert Simpson
Oh yeah.

David McCracken
I am surprised.... I am surprised no one has said it, so let me be the first.... 'Cheeky!' Charming picture.

Mark Boyer
Now this is a lighthearted and very sexy photo.

Ray Hathaway
This is the photo that just brings a smile to your face and lifts your spirits. I love it just as it is

Piotr Tamborek
Very good composition ! sweet spring ...

Todd Bennett
Excellent. Great composition and lighting.

Daren Holland
A7 - O7 What a fantastic shot. I'd love to enjoy that kind of Springtime all year round!!! Allehulia!

Balthasar Thomass
Frivolous but giid...great skin tone and shadows.

Rashard Walls
excellent lighting.. and great model, love the composition.

Denis Germain

Gary Durington
7/6 I think that I want to be in your part of the world next spring.

Juan F. Jimenez
i like very nice. sexy. the lighting i think is good, u have shadows where there needs to be and the skin looks really smooth. very nice and sexy

Jean-Philippe Martin
Very cute. Very .

Matthew Hull

Mike B.
Good lighting, nice butt, good comp.

Naveen N
Fantastic!!! love it!!!

Eduard K
Nice, sensual sensual phoyo. Maybe a tad too voyeuristic, but definitelly a winner

Marian Vejcik
7/7 Thank you for a beutifull wallpaper for my desktop.Nice shot.Congratulation

Fran Garcia
excellent very sensual shot 7/7

Tom Beaudreau
Oye! Why do you do these things to us? ( Frustrated )

giovanni pellegrino
breaking the scale ten!!!!!!!!!!!I just wished this picture had a breeze come my way!

Pioles Cramponis

Adrian M
Sweet :) Nice photo, nice moment.

Markos George Hionos
7/6 So sexy and so elegant and so artistic -Beautiful image.

Leonardo Villalobos
Perfect, Best Wishes!

Adara Schwartz
As a heterosexual female, I feel as though I'm one of the very few who is qualified to make comments not based on hormones! Seriously, this is a cute, sexy, and flirtatious shot. The shadows between the model's legs give the image rich dimension and depth. The image is well-composed and well-exposed. The choice of a (long shirt/ultra short dress) works well because the pattern enhances without detracting.

Kelvin Bernard
A very special photograph. Congrats. Regards.

Alejandro Gonzalez
come on man!!!! can it get more sexy than this?? can it?? Im sure 100% it can't. great composition, light, original and most of all it has a sense of humor

Steve Norman
Excellent from many points of view, the light, the great flirty pose, the colour and texture. Very cheeky!

Kombizz Kashani
excellent lighting and more!

Michael Murphy

beautiful photo, model, light,...congrats

Miguel Alonso
FELICIDADES .............. cada ves que veo esta fotografia me gusta mas , felicidades... mexico

Bob Kurt

The gold medal is for you


Michael Sulka


Jrob Luckor

I love it! It just makes me happy! Perfect in every way!

Janosch Simon
Springtime regards Janosch

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