Forgotten worker # 2

by Amelkovich Igor

forgotten worker nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Friday 29th of April 2005 09:15:38 AM


Sarkis Baghramyan
Interesting & original work, 6-7!

Nef Nefen
Impressive work. The light, the textures... the composition. 7/7

Ed A
7/7 as usual.

Jim Capillo
Nice shot, but the model is a bit lost in the overall composition. Other than that, very nice !

Tom Moser
Why the gloves & dust mask, but boots with such a heel?

Evgeniy Shaman
worker of underground magic forms of woman model, good shot

Valery Lemberg
Absolutely fabulous!I just discovered this site and so many talented pros!Please tell if possible what film do you use and developer.The images just unbelievable!my website,phone in NY 917 887 2280 Need any help-call Valery.

Michael Sebastian
love your stuff Technically perfect as we've come to expect from you, Igor. I may be missing the point of your composition, but I am having a hard time seeing the model--a damn shame given how amazingly fine she is. She seems a little far away and lost against the background a bit. Feedback on my work also appreciated.

Conte Oliver
very nice! ciao

Balthasar Thomass
Great, although I prefer the first one.

Paul Henri
don't get it I have to say again that it seems like the images that generate the most and the most positive comments generally have naked women in them. Now don't get me wrong-I love the nude female as much as any man, but I don't get this one. If she had been forgotten, wouldn't she have on some raggedy old work clothes and boots, and not the brand spanking new and shiny dominatrix type she has on? And wouldn't she not have on a dust mask? Or wouldn't it be filthy? And wouldn't she be kind of dirty and smelly and not so polished? And wouldn't this photo have been a much more interesting shot without her in it? Paul Henri

Igor Amelkovich
Forgotten worker # 2 Old metal work...

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